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  1. markie

    How do you guys afford buying guitars???

    Well…… at 19 I was giving my wife lunch money, as she was a 16 year old junior in high school. I did start putting away as much money as I could & continued that trend for more than 40 years. I still have never touched that money. Find something you can be good at, work your ass off, & you will...
  2. markie

    NoGD - Core Santana III

    Very nice Sir!!!
  3. markie

    NGD…got my first WOOD LIBRARY!!

    Perfect in every way
  4. markie

    NGD: 2003 Santana III

    Bich’in Dude
  5. markie

    Touchy subject

    She hit my knuckles so many times with a ruler that I had anxiety every Saturday before catechism
  6. markie

    NGD PS Modern Eagle V

  7. markie


    Congrats Mike!!!!
  8. markie

    i *STILL* have no GAS

    Dave’s not here…..
  9. markie

    NGD - Green Day

    Very nice Dale…… Congrats!
  10. markie

    Rust Never Sleeps.

    Thank God Mother Nature vaccinated Ole Markie
  11. markie

    Replacement Nut

    PhennRock could use a couple……
  12. markie

    I think I’m dead.

    Try viagra
  13. markie

    PRS Scavenger Hunt

    Thank you sooo much! I couldn’t have done it without my friend Steve turning me into a strung out guitar fiend
  14. markie

    PRS Scavenger Hunt

    I got nuthin
  15. markie

    NGD - Brazzy goodness perfection JustSteve/Markie PS

    Well, he didn’t realize you were a carjacker at the time
  16. markie

    NGD - Brazzy goodness perfection JustSteve/Markie PS

    I miss watching JustSteve work his magic. Word is out that he’s now a grown ass man & does not even reside in the JUST residence any longer ….
  17. markie

    PRS Scavenger Hunt

    How did we miss this Steve????
  18. markie

    Revisited: DC245 Sandstorm PS

    Well…… She gonna take half your sh!t Steve Good news is that’s one guitar she can’t take, unless she goes full Loraina Bobbit of course
  19. markie

    Revisited: DC245 Sandstorm PS

    That’s gonna be painful …. Don’t do it PhennRock Lisa will leave you, but you will have a little tiny guitar in your pants at all times
  20. markie

    PRS Scavenger Hunt