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  1. JohnPRS

    TPS - Simon McBride

    an incredible player, always liked his red single cut ,
  2. JohnPRS

    NGD - McCarty 594

    yep, its a 10top
  3. JohnPRS

    NGD - McCarty 594

    hi all, hope you are all doing good. I'm way late to the 594 party, but I got this and thought I'd share as its just amazing!
  4. JohnPRS

    Clean amps..?

    Milkman Creamer, perfection for me :)
  5. JohnPRS

    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    horsemeat,… seriously, did someone get paid to “create “ that name
  6. JohnPRS

    PRSEurope instagram fail?

    ha, so bad,
  7. JohnPRS

    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    from 2023 PRS guitars will no longer be made from wood, only recycled materials, you heard it here first!
  8. JohnPRS

    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    found an old video on a hard drive
  9. JohnPRS

    Help me identify this guitar

    it looks great, a nice find,
  10. JohnPRS

    Finally, I´ll go for my first PRS!

    I haven’t played one, but out of those 4, I’d go for the Dustie, it probably suits you best too,
  11. JohnPRS

    Classic Headstock Vs. Santana headstock

    take me back to 2013 please, there are a few things I’d like to change apart from headstocks
  12. JohnPRS

    NGD x2 - Studio and Soapbar(again)

    That triple soap is amazing, congratulations, on all 3
  13. JohnPRS

    Underrated guitar players

    how does a guitarist qualify to be under rated, I would have thought Prince and the guy from the Eagles were on a different list, I can see how some of the others might not be appreciated as much as they should
  14. JohnPRS

    NGD Paul's Guitar Wood Library... I've finally gotten one!

    wow that’s stunning, enjoy
  15. JohnPRS

    DGT String Gage 11's

    bought my DGT recently, put 10,s on it straight away, plays brilliantly, have no other PRS to compare it with at the moment
  16. JohnPRS

    Henry"s Here NGD

    very nice indeed
  17. JohnPRS

    New DGT- spec differences

    I've yet to see a new DGT with 10's as standard, still listed as 11's on the website, perhaps Mr. Grissom is changing, no idea about the trem.
  18. JohnPRS

    I’m a new member.

    Hi and welcome, from another new member, although I’ve been on here since 2016 I’m still a “new member “ ;)
  19. JohnPRS

    What a difference 20 years can make.... faded guitars

    I'm not normally a fan of faded guitars , but yours is very nice, its kept its character and almost changed colour as opposed to fading, try keep it as is , I say.