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  1. nicotele

    Any Thoughts on 2018 S2 Singlecut Standard?

    Dont have experience with the Singlecut Standard S2, but just 2 days ago I received an S2 Singlecut. I understand both have same specs, but just some differences like the standard having pickguard and not sure if the Standard is a satin finish? But at least the S2 Singlecut on the knobs...
  2. nicotele

    NGD: NF 53

    Besides the looks being just ok for me, I really think I will like the NF53 a lot! Congrats!! Looking forward down the road to try one.
  3. nicotele

    Updated Family Pic!

    Thanks everyone =) Next, no rush for me right now, but Would like a Silver sky with Maple (SE is fine as well), the new NF53 I'm very interested, but that later down the road. Also the SE Hollowbody always have looked fantastic to me.
  4. nicotele

    Updated Family Pic!

    Yesterday I got a new PRS, and that makes that my fourth PRS in the Family! By the end of 2022 I had 0 PRS, so seems I'm doing something good this year hehe. Paul's Guitar SE 2022 McCarty Soapbar with Lollar P90 1999 DGT 2013 S2 Singlecut with Organic Mirror Redemption Set 2016 I love each...
  5. nicotele

    NGD!!!!! PRS S2 Singlecut Egyptian Gold plus Updated PRS Family pic!

    Indeed! In person this is really stunning color! Even seems sparkle sometimes. It seems by the end of the year Silver Sky SE Maple will arrive here, and I am interested in one of those, cos finally colors I really like! Also later on would like the NF53 and also the SE Hollowbody looks very...
  6. nicotele

    NGD!!!!! PRS S2 Singlecut Egyptian Gold plus Updated PRS Family pic!

    By the end of 2022 I didn't considered myself a PRS guy. Had a 594 DC Core that I sold, a Silver Sky Core that I also sold (although both were awesome but couldnt justify keeping them vs other guitars, although liked them a lot) But earlier this year decided to give it another try but with...
  7. nicotele

    NGD: PRS Myles Kennedy

    Awesome!!! I would like to try either this or the NF53. I really think I will like them very much. Congrats!
  8. nicotele

    NGD: 1997 CU22 (First PRS)

    Wow, thats a very nice one!!! And I love my 1999 P90 McCarty, its really amazing guitar. I'm sure if you find one of those you will love it!
  9. nicotele

    S2 Singlecut?

    Awesome to know you love yours. I ended up grabbing it, and the color was part of the reason I decided to get it. Cool! Very excited to get it and also very curious to see how S2 feels vs Core and SE. The cores of course are great in every way and look fantastic. The SE I totally see the appeal...
  10. nicotele

    S2 Singlecut?

    How are the discontinued S2 Singlecut considered? There is one in Egyptian Gold here used that I think is very good price for our country. (like 980 USD here. as reference, an S2 594 here new is like 2500+ USD) And since the price is good, I wanted a singlecut PRS to add to the collection, and...
  11. nicotele

    NGD...2000 Singlecut Goldtop

    Nice one!!! Happy NGD :D Love goldtops so cool one!
  12. nicotele

    Should I get an S2 594 DC if.....?

    EDIT: I ended up not getting the guitar. Was a good deal and they are good, but just came a bit not in the right moment, cos even though I could have purchased it, there is a slight possibility that things might get a bit tight financially so need to wait until things are certain before start...
  13. nicotele

    Dangit... Did it again... NGD on the way...

    Wow thats awesome!! HNGD!! very very nice!
  14. nicotele

    Let’s see your PRS family Photos!

    Started 2013 with 0 PRS. Now have 3!! Love them! DGT 2013 - Paul's Guitar SE - McCarty 1999 with Lollar P90 And the complete family!
  15. nicotele

    Double NGD: Paul's Brushstroke 24 and original run Tremonti

    Damn!! Congratulations! Love the Paul's guitar!!!
  16. nicotele

    Not trash ;)

    That is amazingly gorgeous!! congrats!! Love it!
  17. nicotele

    New Member and first PRS

    Welcome and congrats on your SE! SE's are such great guitars so enjoy!
  18. nicotele

    Used core guitars

    On Personal Experience. I got a Paul's Guitar SE this year on January, and I liked it so much, I grabbed a McCarty from 1999 with Lollar P90 and just last week was lucky I saw a 2013 DGT and grabbed that one (I was waiting for the SE version to arrive here in my country) The Paul's guitar plays...
  19. nicotele

    New colors Silver Sky SE

    Like very much this more sober colors. I had the SS SE in Yellow and it was ok. Wanted the blue but wasn’t available. The red and green never convinced me. Now I would take the Silver! And saw a video on YouTube that showed some SS SE maple necks in the factory in Indonesia it seems, so as...