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  1. letterk

    Considering a 22 Fret...Used to a 24 Fret and I'm tall

    I’m 6’2” and only play 22 fret guitars.
  2. letterk

    TCI or no TCI?

    I don't think the McCarty's had TCI in 2018. First it was SS and then Paul's Guitar got them in 2019.
  3. letterk

    PRS electrics quality control problems

    You can’t extrapolate issues from such a small data set.
  4. letterk

    PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

    I thought we already did that. Just look at them! The 594 HB was instant love the first time I played one. It has everything you want, tone, playability, etc... but the one thing that instantly won me over was the comfort. It just feels like part of your body.
  5. letterk

    PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

    @dmatthews You don’t happen to have one of these, too, do you? (It contains air, so approved for this thread.)
  6. letterk

    Owning the highest echelon of PRS guitars

    I was just at CME and picked up a number of PS and other than aesthetics didn’t notice a difference between my two cores.
  7. letterk

    Does wood affect the amplified tone of an electric guitar

    I’ve only seen reasonable and semi controlled proof that it doesn’t. So my stance is yes, theoretically it does. But practically it does not compared to everything else in the signal chain. This is for electric guitars.
  8. letterk

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    2 594’s (one Hollow, one Semihollow) 1 Fender tele 1 Furch acoustic 1 Guild acoustic 1 very old Martin mandolin
  9. letterk

    NGD McCarty HB II AP

    Yes, these 594 HB’s have something about them that makes everything seem easier. Congrats!
  10. letterk

    did you ever turn down a killer top because of the back color?

    I also strongly prefer natural backs. The only thing I dislike about my 594 SH is the black back.
  11. letterk

    PRS In Church?

    I PRS in church every other week or so, unless I'm playing my tele. Both into the helix. I also don't do the ambient arpeggio thing very often. I like to play thick and dirty. Set list for this Sunday is: Sing to the King Great Things Show Us Christ Take My Life and Let it Be
  12. letterk

    What Musical Style of Player are You?

    Where's the option for "internet guitar and guitar accessories shopping" style?
  13. letterk

    Why did you choose the hollowbody you did, and if it's the 594, do you wish you had a piezo?

    I have a 594 HB. The scale length being so slinky won me over. I’m just a big fan of the 594 in general, and have the semihollow as well. I would never use the piezo anyways, so it didn’t factor into my decision.
  14. letterk

    2019 McCarty 594 neck vs 2022 neck

    I have a 2019 594 SH and a 2022 594 HB. The neck feels the same to me.
  15. letterk

    Should I????????

    Yes. What was the question?