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  1. Justcantshred

    Overwhelmed with new amp choices

    We have similar taste in music, I have the Mesa Triple Crown 50 and the SLO30, both are excellent choices. Slightly favor the Soldano because the TC50 has a not so awesome effects loop.
  2. Justcantshred

    Have we seen the MT100 yet?

    Dear PRS. Please add a true master ( systems) volume as well so we don't have to go deaf to use this one.
  3. Justcantshred

    Stoptail Bridges Interchangeable?

    Hello! Are the stoptail bridges PRS makes for their core guitars interchangeable? I have a McCarty which came with the adjustable stoptail with the brass saddles, and frankly I prefer the look, feel, and simplicity of the non adjustable stoptail like on my Pauls guitar. I ordered a non...
  4. Justcantshred

    Is PRS using Faux Bone (Tusq) nuts on certain core guitars?

    I picked up this gorgeous 594 Hollowbody this year and I just defaulted to assuming the nut was bone, but it's a bit too pure white and perfectly squared off. Especially relative to the bone nuts on my other PRS Core guitars (594 and Pauls Guitars). I know PRS does make little changes to...
  5. Justcantshred

    What is your favorite amp?

    My Soldano SLO 30
  6. Justcantshred

    NGD: My first new Core Purchase, how'd I do

    Beautiful! Did you happen to get that from Danville Music?
  7. Justcantshred

    McCarty differences? McCarty, 594, SC?

    I love my 594 as well. I also love heavy drop C music. I would go for the original McCarty, has the slightly longer 25 inch scale which makes going to drop C easier. I have a McCarty in Drop C with some Bareknuckle and it rips.
  8. Justcantshred

    Flaws with new guitar

    If your within the return window, get a full refund. No reason to try and figure out how to live with an unsatisfactory instrument, life is too short.
  9. Justcantshred

    Polish - Meguiars M205 etc

    It's great stuff. I detailed cars for four years and don't get folks using car polish on guitars. Nitro/ Poly finishes and clear coat are not close to the same thing.
  10. Justcantshred

    Polish - Meguiars M205 etc

    Big fan of Virtuoso Polish. It's a two step system that I used on a used McCarty I bought with some scratches on the back, it looks brand new now.
  11. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    I went back into the shop to visit it yesterday, still plays like butter. Amazing guitar.
  12. Justcantshred

    Finish crack in new Core Custom 24 35th anniversary

    When we're spending this level of cash for guitars, just do what you have to do to make you happy. Get a full refund or get another one without any finish defects. PRS guitars are remarkably consistent in quality it won't be a challenge to find another one you'll love. Edit: Should have...
  13. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    It just roars in Drop C.
  14. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

  15. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    Yup, Yellow Tiger!
  16. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    It definitely works super well with the Yellow Tiger finish. I saw someone add it to their cart on Reverb the night before I got it and almost had a panic attack.
  17. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    I'm really happy with it. I had three guitars with 58/15 pickups so trading one of those three away for this makes the guitar rack feel alot more useful.
  18. Justcantshred

    NGD: PRS Tremonti 10 Top

    Picked this up this weekend from my local Danville Music. Been wanting a Tremonti for years, but needed it to be a stop tail with a natural back. Then this showed up. The Reverb listing for it was exploding so I knew I had to act fast, I showed up right at opening, plugged it into an MT15 and...
  19. Justcantshred

    New Board Day

    Ugh those looks so cool, I really want some kind of modeler just for the experimentation opportunities.
  20. Justcantshred

    Buff out swirl marks

    I bought a used McCarty with swirls that thoroughly triggered my OCD, this stuff took care of it. I used both products, the cleaner and the polish, as directed and it is like new now.