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  1. Lewguitar

    True or False?

    Could be. I like the idea of every being, being a focal point of experience for....what? The whole enchilada!
  2. Lewguitar

    True or False?

    Whatcha think?
  3. Lewguitar

    PRS SE Swamp Ash Special?

    If PRS can build this with a lightweight swamp ash body and maple neck/fingerboard, maybe they ought to do a swamp ash SE Silver Sky. And a SE NF53 style guitar. With singles maybe? Would keep the cost down.
  4. Lewguitar

    What's It Like To Be A Great Musician?

    I dunno. But I know I couldn't survive being a touring musician. Super human hard work and hard to stay healthy. I just wouldn't have the stamina or the will to muscle up and tour for a year...with anyone!
  5. Lewguitar

    SE Standard Wiring

    You must have changed something. Sounds like you do need to move the ground wire to the other terminal on the switch. There should two sets of three terminals, one set of three for each pickup. The middle terminal on each side should be the coil tap wire of the pickup. Don't change that...
  6. Lewguitar

    NUGD Custom Soapy!

    Looks comfy. Is it aluminum?
  7. Lewguitar

    NUGD Custom Soapy!

    It's who he is. It's in his whole being.
  8. Lewguitar

    NUGD Custom Soapy!

    My PRS Soapbar won't get the Woodstock Santana tone...even with Bare Knuckle P90's. It's not the pickups it's the guitar itself. Maybe it's too thick? It's thicker than a SG but not as thick as a LP or my Bernie Marsdens. It doesn't sound like Santana's thin bodied, resonant, all mahogany...
  9. Lewguitar

    NUGD Custom Soapy!

    Wow! That's a stunner. Maple neck...that's unusual, although 70's LP's had them.
  10. Lewguitar

    The Eagle, or HDRX, has landed!

    Happy for ya! Crank it up to PATENT APPLIED FOR and have at it! Don't overlook blending the bass and treble channels together to dial in a balance.
  11. Lewguitar

    Question about Bluetooth...

    Well my receiver is fine now. Going to take the laptop down to Delta this morning and the computer guy there says he'll fix it while I wait. Then onto Cedaredge to check out Starrs Guitars, drop off my HDRX 20 to be sent back to PRS, and see what new PRS and Breedlove guitars David Starr has...
  12. Lewguitar

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    I think that's Mike and his Les Paul on those cuts. Elvin did get a great sound tho. Saw the Butterfield Band at the Elk Temple's Lodge in Detroit. 1967...maybe 1968. Bloomfield had just quit the band but Elvin was there and he tore it up! No PA. Butterfield sang and played through his...
  13. Lewguitar

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    Interesting theory. Mike Bloomfield was one of Robben's guitar Mike was for many of us older guys. Mike played a Telecaster with Bob Dylan and with the Paul Butterfield Blues band. Pretty sure Robben has always loved a good Tele.
  14. Lewguitar

    Silver Sky SE saddle replacement options?

    Just to mention it, I tested the bridge and saddles on my SE Silver Sky with a magnet and they are steel. Just like they would be on old Fenders from the 50's and 60's. They're worth keeping. Mine are not sharp but a small fine file and some emery cloth ought to fix yours right up. If the...
  15. Lewguitar

    About to add a Stripped 58 to the collection

    If you get into magnet swapping, having one in your tool box to test polarity is very handy. I keep this one in a little baggie. It's a polished A2 that I took it from a Duncan Custom Custom that was beyond repair. I'm putting new pickups in one of my SE Silver Skys today and I just used it...
  16. Lewguitar

    NGD: 2018 Custom 24

    Gorgeous. Your new guitar reminds me of my Black Bernie Marsden! Same color scheme.
  17. Lewguitar

    What are you listening to right now?

  18. Lewguitar

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    A NF53 co-designed with Robben Ford would be a super cool guitar! Wonder what changes he'd make?
  19. Lewguitar

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    So mission accomplished. Sold them all. Wonder what Robben thinks of the NF53? Be cool to see a video of him comparing it to his '60 Tele. That Tele of Robben's is not a string through body Tele. The strings just go through the back of the bridge, not the back of the guitar.
  20. Lewguitar

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    So that's it? They made 200, sold them all, and they aren't going to make anymore?