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  1. Ironwolf

    RIP JImmy Buffett

    Jimmy did drink from the PRS Kool-Aid..... He clearly liked telecaster's and Martin acoustics. His songs allow me to reboot perspective. great musician.
  2. Ironwolf

    Replaced the wraparound bridges on ALL of my Bernie Marsdens

    I agree very strongly with the idea of much better tone with the mann-made bridge with individual brass saddles, when replacing the aluminum stop tail. I actually did do the experiment, I switched back and forth several times, On my 2009 DC 245 Limited edition Ted McCarty (7.4 lbs). Absolutely...
  3. Ironwolf

    Why do I not like the sound of my beautiful McCarty?

    My experience with les Paul's...... firstly we have way too many expectations about one particular guitar, i.e.that it can cover every LP tone ever made, It seemed like every guitar song I wanted to learn needed a Les Paul, guns and roses Slash, Jimmy page, Mick Jones of foreigner, Billy...
  4. Ironwolf

    DGT Setup

    it's kind of the reason it's adjustable. The DGT has a lot of variables. 11gauge strings, 5 tremolo springs, jumbo frets. even a slight tilt of the tremolo causes the strings to go quite high. With just some minor tweaking my DGT is 1 of the best playing low set ups I have, impressively no...
  5. Ironwolf

    Why do I not like the sound of my beautiful McCarty?

    It's definitely the pickups, I also think you should upgrade the bridge, as I have learned the one piece nonadjustable stop tail creates A Slight slurry Tone effect. I have a 2009 limited edition Ted DC 245. I've transformed it into the best guitar I've ever owned. Factory set up was nice, The...
  6. Ironwolf

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    based on my experience of 3 ebony fretboards, that appears to be rosewood. You are correct it's a very dark rosewood, and the photos are not high-resolution enough to say with 100% certainty. But the pieces of evidence; I've always noticed ebony is much more shiny, the surface is more...
  7. Ironwolf

    What’s your Holy Grail hit rate?

    you have to be a reasonably skilled player to understand what a really good guitar is so it's a journey of both player and guitar. I found 2 holy Grail guitars I recently did a count I've owned 84 different guitars in 22 years, so I'm about 1 to 2% hit rate. It took a long time to filter...
  8. Ironwolf

    PRS Aluminum Stoptail VS. MannMade 2300

    I just now looked more closely at your photo, I agree with you that saddle does not belong, it is an oddball. It even looks like it's raising the action of that particular string not matching the fretboard radius. I'm absolutely certain John will send you a new saddle for free. He was going...
  9. Ironwolf

    How much money do you have tied up in your gear?

    I'm also in the middle-of-the-road it's a pretty safe place to be as said before spent 20,000 maybe it's worth 12,000. Safely in the middle-of-the-road where you can rationalize to your wife......
  10. Ironwolf

    Used McCarty or new S2 594

    excellent choice, beautiful, it is such a perfect recipe of wood, and design, it is very receptive to putting whatever PAF floats your boat, I ended up with bare knuckle mule's, it makes me drool every time I pick up the guitar. You will enjoy it regardless of your pickup choice.
  11. Ironwolf

    PRS Aluminum Stoptail VS. MannMade 2300

    I believe John may have brass mounting screws (posts) with a thinner bottom washer, there is a difference between SE models and the core mounting posts. Here are some pictures of my Ted. absolutely the best playing guitar I've ever owned. I've set my low E string 0.072 " I believe that's...
  12. Ironwolf

    You guys warned me about PRS acquisition syndrome

    at 1st I thought that was my guitar, I have a very similar paint job on a TED, that I can't stop staring at. Just beautiful, I love those big fat brass saddles.
  13. Ironwolf

    Used McCarty or new S2 594

    I definitely vote for the McCarty, I just recently purchased a 2009 Ted McCarty, rapidly becoming number 1 guitar. the sustain is just wow. the tone is just wow. I purchased 2 S2s over the last couple years I returned both of them within the 30 day return policy. I've also played several at...
  14. Ironwolf

    Special 22 or Paul's guitar?

    you definitely need to play the Paul's guitar, if you can before you buy. As good as the guitar is it is designed mostly for playing in a live situation. It is very strong in the mid-EQ. I wanted it to be brighter. I found it difficult to get the multiple sounds I expect out of a guitar these...
  15. Ironwolf

    Paul's stoptail

    many of us find the John Mann intonantable 2300 to be a big improvement over the one piece. I personally changed back and forth 2 different times to confirm what I was hearing and playing and feeling. The one piece bridge has a more slurry type of sound with barre chords. I found that the...
  16. Ironwolf

    Cleaning Pickup Covers?

    old-fashioned paste wax, if you want to maintain nickel or chrome, clean it regularly like your automobile. Nickel definitely oxidizes the surface molecules especially with exposure to sweat and acid, but I've been putting on turtle wax... aka, carnauba paste wax, on most of my guitars and...
  17. Ironwolf

    New 245 DC Ted Day - Bob Ross inspired

    yes I love the hidden mineral streaks, I would like those to be even more prominent, they are subtle but do communicate the high quality wood selection of PRS, just a gorgeous piece of maple. It's also my 1st 24.5 inch scale, I put 10 gauge on it, it's such an inviting guitar to pick up and...
  18. Ironwolf

    New 245 DC Ted Day - Bob Ross inspired

    that is my TIE Fighter, I accidentally destroyed all my neighbors houses I pushed the wrong button, when it took photos.
  19. Ironwolf

    New 245 DC Ted Day - Bob Ross inspired

    Bought myself a Christmas present, as Bob Ross would say it was a "happy little accident". While I was researching to upgrade my DGT to a PAF more to my liking. I was digging around reverb considering 57/08's. I tripped across a TED, 245 double cut 2009, I really couldn't believe how it...