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  1. Shreve

    My all time musical genius is...

    It resides at outside of Philadelphia when not traveling for exhibitions. Keith’s other keys and some other pretty neat “artifacts“ as well!
  2. Shreve

    My all time musical genius is...

    He really could do it all. I’m a huge fan; saw ELP six or seven times back in the day. Three unbelievable musicians. Classical, jazz, prog, straight rock. Sad ending. “The world’s most famous synthesizer!”
  3. Shreve

    Lets see what PRS players drive for cars/motorcycles!

    Hah! Yes, maybe a bit more Bostrum in his prime :D
  4. Shreve

    Lets see what PRS players drive for cars/motorcycles!

    My eye-talion sickles: l. to r. 2012 MV Agusta F4R, 1998 Ducati 748 Superbike, 1994 Ducati 900SS. Almost as bad as guitars o_O
  5. Shreve

    NGD again... (non PRS)

    NICE!! :cool: Some guy (??) in background obviously digging the sounds of a blazing Tele double o_O
  6. Shreve

    Anyone have a McCarty Standard Soapbar with Solid IRW neck and Bird inlays?

    The story goes that Paul put the kibosh on these after a handful had slipped out the door. I sold mine to fund a custom P-90 build at the time, but looking for another if anyone spots one. Most of the ones I’ve seen have moons.
  7. Shreve

    Nice interview of Eric Johnson with Rick Beato

    I’m a pretty big fan. Went to a couple clinics he gave some years ago. He really is a nice, humble guy. No matter how ridiculous a question someone asked, he always took the time to try to answer as best as possible. Was on a strat hunt a couple years ago and bought his signature Virginia...
  8. Shreve

    What are you playing right now...

    2001 Singlecut. I’m the original owner, and in 22 years I’ve never tweaked, adjusted, changed anything. No need. Played a lot and string changes only. Testament to quality.
  9. Shreve

    They're asking about "LSchefman" On TGP

    Bluesdoc. Longtime buddy from the original PRS Forum days. Great guy…
  10. Shreve

    Which PRS bird inlay is the Baltimore Oriole?

    He’s POed the Common Tern got in and he didn’t…
  11. Shreve

    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    Either of 2 Thorns. Custom orders so they better be close! If PRS, the basic original McCarty is bueno.
  12. Shreve

    What's the deal with Rio Grande pickups?

    Owner (Dave Wintz) apparently has passed away. Have them in my Thorn, and they’re great pickups. Maybe try Used/Reverb…
  13. Shreve

    Hey St. Pat, how ‘bout some green guitars?!

    Yessir! Great guy.
  14. Shreve

    Hey St. Pat, how ‘bout some green guitars?!

    From the old PRS Forum. (not mine)
  15. Shreve

    Car and truck lovers unite.

    The quintessential old school funny car: THUNDER BUGGY!!!!
  16. Shreve

    Car and truck lovers unite.

    After years of driving secondhand Camrys for a brutal work commute, I bought this for meself. 2SS, 1LE (track), 6 sp. manual, 6.2 V8. Launch control, performance data recorder, and cameras everywhere :oops: Maybe the last of a dying breed :( Lotta fun driving, even for errands.
  17. Shreve

    What did you practice with/gig this week?

    Gotta be honest…
  18. Shreve

    Surprise NGD, traded my Silver Sky…

    Love dem old(er) McCs. And I’ve been through a lot of McCartys. Good trade :cool:
  19. Shreve

    Show Yer Pedalbored

    Well, the damn dog peed on my Pete Cornush pedalboard, but I snagged this beaut! Rojer makes the best, reel veneer! I swapped with him for some shine…
  20. Shreve

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Maybe someone else can answer your question…