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  1. shinksma

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    That was a consideration, but I wanted to not "add" a pedal to my already cramped board. Putting the American Dream on meant I removed the Clean Glass, of course, but also removed a fuzz pedal I had on there because of the required real estate. I suppose I could have just left the Clean Glass...
  2. shinksma

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    I did look into these. They look pretty cool, but they are truly just plug-ins in a box, and I have hesitations about using pedals that are just software on a big chip that you load/tweak/register via a USB port. Also, these ones aren't cheap - usual pricing seems to be about $400, currently...
  3. shinksma

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    I realized something after I read this: I agree the Archon clean channel does sound somewhat Fender-ish, especially with the bright switch off - but I had the bright switch on, and that is the tone I'm chasing. I'm not sure exactly what that switch does to the EQ. (Yeah yeah, it makes it...
  4. shinksma

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    That's a nice sounding amp sim pedal, but not quite the Archon Clean sound I'm looking for, I think. I dunno, maybe I need to try listening back-to-back with the demo and my Archon clean with a similar input (tele apparently...).
  5. shinksma

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    TL;DR version: anyone have any idea how the Archon Clean Channel Frequency Response (i.e. the "tone" vs "flat") compares to other well-known amps? And has anyone found an "amp-sim-in-a-box" pedal that comes close to what the Archon does, tonally? (Not a full-blown device like a Kemper.) Would...
  6. shinksma

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Another thread bump: You know how sometimes you get a guitar and it plays great, but you haven't quite completely bonded with it for some reason or another? It isn't bad, you don't want to move it on to someone else, but you just haven't had a chance to really "get it" for some reason. Well...
  7. shinksma

    Truss Rod Cover Preference

    Sorry, just saw this. It was the third-party flamed maple one. Maybe you didn't put it on there, it might have been the forum member (Rider1260) that had possession between you and me, before it went to wherever I found it. That might explain why they put it on. EDIT: You must have tossed...
  8. shinksma

    I bought a cool used bass. Really cheap. Needs new pickups tho.

    Not the be "that guy", but oh well: This is a PRS forum. "Discuss PRS Guitars and Amplifiers" is what is says under the Forum section. Forum rules ask that we don't generally discuss non-PRS guitars - there are a myriad of other places to do that. So unless there is PRS content somehow...
  9. shinksma

    Which PRS model is this guitar?

    Dang dude, when was that?! I've been looking to snag an archtop forever. So if you are ever looking to thin the herd (again), hit me up (again).
  10. shinksma

    Gibson comes out with 2 new guitar models after two YouTuber's. LOL

    Check out the records he has produced. Like our friends Shinedown. His studio credits have now taken a backseat to his YouTube fame, for better or worse. Even his Wikipedia page glosses over it. "Beato has produced a number of albums over the years including; Shinedown's Us and Them (2005)...
  11. shinksma

    NGD: 513 Seafoam

    Wow, very nice! A 513 with 513 birds (preferably with RW neck) is on my GAS list. But so are so many other things...
  12. shinksma

    Any difference when you float the whammy bar on the Silver Sky?

    I did two things "recently" (a couple of months ago?) to my Silver Sky: removed one of the trem springs floated the trem - which removing one of those springs did 90% of the work. I did not touch the bridge height at all, nor did I shim the neck. I seem to recall adjusting the intonation -...
  13. shinksma

    Gibson comes out with 2 new guitar models after two YouTuber's. LOL

    Rick Beato's fame via his YouTube channel is almost an insult to the talent he has, and the projects he's done. He's been involved in so many things, and has such immense talent on so many instruments, it's a shame he isn't known for those sides of him instead. But, I'll admit I knew nothing...
  14. shinksma

    “Small” practice amps with battery option

    Doh, I just saw you may have scratched your itch. Hope they work out for you.
  15. shinksma

    “Small” practice amps with battery option

    FWIW, a fellow bandmate musician had a Positive Grid, and got rid of it in favor of the THR30II. I have a THR30II and love it for casual practice, and I don't use the wireless (guitar signal) function. Even if it is a bit above your budget I think you would find the THR10II well worth it. It...
  16. shinksma

    Let's talk resistors!

    "Let's talk resistors!" No. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Anyway...I have nothing to add right now, other than the interaction of electronic components (resistors, caps, etc) all have the "scientific" reason for what they do, but there is some seemingly-magical mysterious...
  17. shinksma

    Could you seriously live with this?

    Well...the color choice is not to my taste, but the thing that bothers me most is the asymmetric/random application of the color scheme. If the body looked more like the headstock (all pink on one side, blending to blue/whatever on the other side) that might look OK. Or a true symmetrical...
  18. shinksma

    Seven and eight string guitars - will PRS ever expand their offerings?

    There are a lot of non-"nu-metal" bands that play 7 and 8 stringers, and PRS happily associates with Mark Holcomb (Periphery) and his models. "Djent metal" is nothing to shy away from, IMHO. Well, if YouTubers are predicting the future of anything, I'm running to the bank with it...:rolleyes...
  19. shinksma

    Seven and eight string guitars - will PRS ever expand their offerings?

    Last year I picked up a headless 8-string guitar (Legator Ghost) with fanned frets because I wanted something different, and it was small enough (due to headless config) that flying with it seemed feasible (not yet explored that yet). I found it fun to shred on, but it is not built for chords...