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    How Did You Afford Your First New PRS?

    I've told the story, but mine was a gift. I didn't expect to walk out of GC in Dallas that day with anything. SHE thought otherwise. For that alone, it's my most treasured guitar.
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    What percentage of your guitars are what color?

    I would say none hold a higher percentage than others. I have black (strat), Arctic white (strat), Cherry Sunburst (PRS), regular yellow to black sunburst (tele), Natural, (jazz box), Candy red (old strat clone), and spruce (acoustics) and Cedar ( classical). Those last may not be "colors" but...
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    Moments of Doubt and Pain

    1966...the big giant cigar chomping record "producer" says, "Kids, you did a fantastic job with terrible material. I can't use it" Thanks. I haven't been in an organized studio since...;-)
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    PRS SE Orianthi

    Even the ones they do bring back aren't exactly as the originals. McCarty's were for ever Moons, with no Birds, now... well you know. The lampshades are different than the speed knobs. The pickups are completely different. So they do bring one back occasionally but with modern turns on them.
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    USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

    eh... Now that they are within reach for me... I have no need. Coulda been 10 yrs ago and then I would have been interested. I like many others have learned how to manage my money well and could if I wanted to. Lot a good a 5 grand guitar is gonna do me on the couch anyway..;-)
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    PRS neck binding

    I've never been happy with the Binding "stain" on my McCarty. It's black and the underside or treble side of the neck shows through in spots and always has. A bit thin. Of my guitars with honest binding, none have rot, but all have turned distinctly yellow in Hawaii.
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    Do you drop picks? (simple trick to prevent it)

    For at least as long as I can remember, I've used one pick style. Dunlop Gray nylon .73 with a grip surface. I drop them now and then in a bout of Budweiseritis, but all in all, they stay put and the ribbed section for holding the pick sounds strange when strummed with that side. I have to...
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    Let's see those modded PRS's

    Ima Stealin every lick!!! I'll leave you the guitar cause, well, I'm not that kind of crook...;-)
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    I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

    I must admit that my 04 McCarty was a Dallas Guitar show piece. It has a pin head size ding right to the left of the bridge. Some yo yo at the show I would surmise. It's ok though, it got me 150 bucks off the price when I showed it to them. It was a touch and go thing as I personally wasn't...
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    I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

    Yes, even I have a small ding on the top end of the headstock, it's more of an "excuse me" rather than a "Look what the F you did"! kinda thing.
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    I'm not really a picky beer drinker, I might have a Celebrator in the fridge and down that as well as a Pabst. I do love exotic beers and my bosses have been the pushers. They go all over the world in their yearly travels and bring me back something from most of the places they go. One...
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    Our we addicted to guitar, or do we just like it?

    My dad should have been horsewhipped. He got me addicted to this drug when I was 8yrs. old. ;-) As long as I have been at it, I love it, I hate it, and I can't really do without it.
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    Did not get the new gig - prob. a good thing.....

    When I first came to Hawaii, my goal was to play again. I immediately posted cards and notices at the local git shops, and kind of mulled my time with some guys that were contractors of mine. It was more a their company thing, get together type thing in their warehouse. Much fun was had. I...
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    Things to Do in Seattle?

    I haven't been in Decades. I lived in Tacoma and commuted to Bremerton while in the Navy. The only thing that stands out to me was Copachuk State park. Twenty yards in and it was night and Lord of the Rings. It was a fantastic place. I think I saw Jethro Tull in Seattle backed by a local...
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    How much money do you have tied up in your gear?

    I answered the poll. I am sure that like others, when I put addition to the actual gear, I will be depressed at how much I have spent over the yrs. on gear that stopped making me money over a decade ago. I was always one that felt that a gear purchase was offset by the earn it made while...
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    A realization.....

    When I moved to Hawaii 20 yrs ago. I was really intimidated by some of the Hawaii guys and their chops. They seem to love to know Jazz chords out here even if they don't use them. I got to a few jams and its good with lots of comments and compliments about my Texas style. One guy in...
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    One of the main reasons I leave them out or hanging and available. Out of sight, out of mind has ruined more ukuleles and good guitars in Hawaii than any harsh playing or handling. If one is there, I pick it up, but like others, I'm rather predictable in whats going to come out of the amp. I...
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    Good Wood v Fancy wood for tone

    I would think that if the wood debate is true, you should hear a sonic difference in a strum unplugged. If it's dead and has no ring it might be the wood used is just not of a quality or density to give you a loud unplugged ring. My Simple, no bling McCarty when hanging with the other lesser...
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    At the Koch house: "Oh, Greg honey, what cha doin"? Just sitting here on the couch burning off a few thousand faces, why, you need something??...
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    The dog is unimpressed -- (new pic page3)

    The dogo obviously has standards....;-)