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  1. Steve's addiction

    40th Anni Wish List

    40th anniversary of every current discontinued core model
  2. Steve's addiction

    A Modest Proposal

    I occasionally dive into covers but mainly focus on my original music. Rock style blues is what I play the most but I love learning the old 60's-70's funk guitar. Main equipment in all this is my 99 CE and the Mesa 5:50 express plus. My pedalboard has the usual effects. Distortion pedals (3)...
  3. Steve's addiction


    Glad you are doing better. Praying for great rehab results and that it goes quickly for you!!
  4. Steve's addiction

    NGD: 513 Seafoam

    I have one just like it and I love it!!
  5. Steve's addiction

    When a guitar just "works"...

    Love it when everything just falls into place!!!
  6. Steve's addiction

    Sic Transit Gloria...

    My fiancee's son told her he heard this new band the other day......Tom Petty!!
  7. Steve's addiction

    How often do you have to adjust the truss rod on your Custom 24?

    I moved back home in February and had to store 7 of my PRS'S for 5 months. Most unfortunately were laying flat on top of each other. Not one of them required any adjustments and to beat all, every one of them were within a quarter turn of being in tune! A couple of them actually were in tune...
  8. Steve's addiction

    Best years for PRS guitars?

    Best years for PRS is 1985 to 2023!
  9. Steve's addiction

    Could you seriously live with this?

    I love it but not for 13.5. One way or another you'll be the talk of the town!
  10. Steve's addiction

    Tell Me All About Your Favourite Models

    '89 CE all day long. It has a 5 way switch and I can get all kinds of sounds from it. If the house catches on fire, it's the one I save! Honorable mention would be my 513's
  11. Steve's addiction

    Where are you?

    I have moved from NC back to WV where I was born. Net a wonderful woman and we are getting married in November!
  12. Steve's addiction

    One Day, They'll Put Me Away, And I Need A Way Out.

    Enjoy the time off because you will be busy with all the new material your creative mind develops during this down time!
  13. Steve's addiction

    Just discovered a US made PRS !

    Welcome to the addiction!
  14. Steve's addiction

    My Brother Won A Kresge Artist Fellowship!

    Awesome and congratulations!!!!
  15. Steve's addiction

    NGD - another blue beauty.

    And so it begins........Great collection, so far!
  16. Steve's addiction

    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    Without a doubt my 89 CE 24. I love all my PRS'S but when I pick up the oh man I'm just home!!!
  17. Steve's addiction

    Bad Luck - Bad Timing - Blessing In Disguise?

    I used to see something I really liked but would take time to decide if I really wanted it. So I usually thought on it for about 30 seconds and then went back on the site. If it was still available I took it as a sign and bought it!
  18. Steve's addiction

    Sell Everything And Get A Nepalese Sarangi.

    One time, in band camp........
  19. Steve's addiction

    Decisions, Decisions...

    Now this is just my opinion but I have an 89 CE,2016 CE semi hollow, and custom 24. I would shoot for the DGT. The '16 CE and custom 24 sound alike to me. Not enough difference in my opinion. Now the '89 CE and custom 24 are 2 very different instruments. To be honest if I were still gigging the...
  20. Steve's addiction

    I passed!!

    Glad to hear you can start playing again!!!