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  1. Basauri

    Old SC 245 owners, what are the pickups like?

    For me, they sounded fine but not too warm/vintage. They are not gainy pickups despite the measures (8.31 and 9.04 k) I usually modify stock pickups instead of changing them, so I decided to swap magnets from alnico V (stock) to alnico IV (my favorite). Now they sound awesome, for me, of course.
  2. Basauri

    Why do people complain about the pickups on PRS S2?

    I had a Cu24 SE with 85/15s and though I like vintage sounding pickups (and they’re not) I thought they were nice sounding pickups. Powerful yet clear.
  3. Basauri

    PRS vs Gibson price

    Have you played at a store a Gibson Les Paul and immediately a PRS S2? Excluding sound and tastes (subjective) you could clearly see/feel that PRS is offering a far superior instrument for the value.
  4. Basauri

    RIP Forum member, Ruger PC

  5. Basauri

    Experience PRS 2020 Update

    I feel so sad because I was eager to attend and meet you all again. But hey, health first. See you next time :(
  6. Basauri

    57/08 & 59/09 Limited Editions?

  7. Basauri

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    50% of the amount. 90% of useage. 5 electrics and 1 acoustic: - PRS Angelus - PRS McCarty 58 - PRS SC245 - AFJ Stratocaster (spanish luthier) - Gibson R9 - Gibson Explorer
  8. Basauri

    Let's see some MODERN EAGLE 1s. Wutcha got?

    Brazilian? Are we talking about something better sounding or collectible?
  9. Basauri

    Let's see some MODERN EAGLE 1s. Wutcha got?

    How desirable is a Modern Eagle I when you already have a McCarty 58?
  10. Basauri

    Getting Old is Expensive

    To create music. That was the idea. I've always loved music and creating it would be perfection. Then I watched some friends with their bands and my idea evolved to: compose music that I like and share it with people who enjoy it. And I started a veeeeery long path where I needed to learn...
  11. Basauri

    Getting Old is Expensive

    Expectative vs reality is so frustrating... Many times I’ve felt the need to opening a thread about this, because years go by and you (me) never become what you wanted to be in music... but eventually is so painful that I decide not to talk about depression or anxiety. :( It’s easier to talk...
  12. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    More toys. I liked the Mesa very much. It retains most of the original signal, no "artificial" feeling, very organic. BUT it loses a liiiiitle of the bottom end. VERY close to straight in sound. And here's the surprise. The bonafide buffer built in the polytune3. I'll try to be specific with...
  13. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    That’s why I’m eager to try the Mesa Stowaway. I’ve read about Mario Marino and his “holy grail” buffers back in Axxis. The Cornish clone is the other one in my mind, but being a clone makes me stay a bit skeptical. But again, I’ll let my ears decide.
  14. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    Powerful words. I should take them as an advice but here I am... but hey, at least we’re learning something! Disappointed. The waza doesn’t sound better than the TU2, just different. If the TU2 lacks bottom end compared to straight in, the TU3w has that bottom end but lacks some of its...
  15. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    With a logo like this... I’d take two! :D
  16. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    Yesterday I received a BOSS TU-3 waza. This evening I’ll make some A/B/C among Tu-2, Tu-3w, straight in. Mesa Stowaway, tc bonafide and Cornish clone are on the way. This is becoming the mother of buffer comparisons
  17. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    It is an issue if you want to. Do I need to get my purest signal to sound like me? No. Sounding like me could be a lovely “round” tone produced by the capacitance of several pedals between my guitar and my amp. That’s part of the problem of having too much information. You’re always searching...
  18. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    I’m ok with coloration if that means enhancing the signal. Taking what it is and make some frecuencies stronger to a concrete purpose. The Suhr buffer is another one that I have read some good reviews. I’ll try it if it’s possible and I’ll update my experiences
  19. Basauri

    Little chat about buffers (I've found THE ONE)

    First of all I want to say that this is not intended as a "true bypass vs buffered bypass" topic. Compared to a straight signal, guitar > cable > amp, there's a clearly audible sound quality loss when you have a pedalboard (let's say, eight true bypass pedals) in the chain. That is a fact...
  20. Basauri

    35/20s ???

    You got me here, with the time travel: inspired by the 2035 model, built in 1920! ... ... but reality came in :oops: