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  1. Tim S

    2022 New Offerings

    I, too, was sadly disappointed. If I wanted a 24 fret guitar with Asian parts and a Pattern Thin neck then I’d buy an SE. I don’t get it.
  2. Tim S

    When can we expect info on 2022 releases?

    Any 25” S2 with Soapbars (it’s my same wish every year — eventually it has to happen, right?)
  3. Tim S

    Relic’ed Silver Sky? :eek: I have no words…
  4. Tim S

    Singlecuts: Which are weight relieved and which aren't?

    I’m wasn’t aware of PRS performing weight-relieving surgery on any of their guitars. That seems counter to Paul’s philosophy.
  5. Tim S

    SE 245 Questions

    The tuners sound like John Mann’s. I have a few sets I bought from him. If he’s not modifying ones you send him, then they won’t have the PRS logo. It’s the same OEM tuners that PRS uses on the SEs — just modded. Congrats on the new-to-you guitar! It’s a fine looking instrument.
  6. Tim S

    HELP: The opposite of a PRS McCarty 594 Hollowbody II?

    That was my first thought too!
  7. Tim S

    S2 Singlecut vs S2 594 Singlecut

    The SC has a 25” scale. The 594 does not. That’s the biggest difference to me (an S2 SC owner).
  8. Tim S

    My first PRS arrived today.

    What a way to make an entrance!
  9. Tim S


    Stick around. Who knows? Maybe someday you will wake up and say “Today is the day I’m going to buy a(nother?) PRS.” Stranger things have happened. Besides, this is the only guitar forum that doesn’t raise the blood pressure of its members. Stick around for your own health.
  10. Tim S

    Comparing the new SE 245 vs 2010 SE Singlecut

    The big difference is that the SC has a 25” scale vs the 245’s short scale. The other difference is that it is thinner. To me, those are reasons to get a SC over a 245. But as you can tell, opinions differ. I don’t know the neck carve of the SC in SE form, but if you like the Pattern Regular...
  11. Tim S

    SE Hollowbody thread

    It debuted as a 2020 model, but some were built & delivered at the end of 2019 (see page 3 of this thread)
  12. Tim S

    Probably know what answer I'll get here, but Vela or Tele?

    Everyone should have a Tele, if just to have a common reference point. Its total lack of sophistication is its main attraction. And no one feels bad about beating on a Tele. (I would never treat a PRS like I treat a Tele).
  13. Tim S

    Bought 2nd hand CE, should I worry about neck joint? (see photos)

    You’re not alone. I just see several instances of “
  14. Tim S

    PRS Quizz Time!

    Terrapin Twelfth Fret? It *sounds* nice.
  15. Tim S

    PRS Quizz Time!

    90% - I missed the bass question too. (This should an indicator to PRS Marketing that we are not familiar enough with their SE bass lineup)
  16. Tim S

    TCI pickups don't exist ...... say what ??

    PRS is applying the term TCI to their Signature Series cables made by Van Damme, so apparently it’s a process that’s not just for pickups or the electrics inside your guitar (or things made by PRS).
  17. Tim S

    NGD...and new to PRS!

    Ah... the SE Standard. That was the gateway drug that introduced me to the intoxicants produced by PRS. (I bought my first S2 less than a year later, so addiction *can* happen) Congrats and welcome to the club! Will you be photographing your guitar before or after your mods?
  18. Tim S

    NGD - PRS SE Custom 24-08 Eriza Verde with MODS

    Wear that thing with pride! Simply eye-caching.
  19. Tim S

    US Lampshade knobs now fit newer SE?

    No need for a screwdriver on my ‘16 SE Std22. They slid on the shafts without any complaints.
  20. Tim S

    Feeling sad.... the only thing that will help is....

    Those guys know how to press all the right buttons.