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  1. Bill SAS 513

    Looking for info on Alex Lifeson’s CE-24’s

  2. Bill SAS 513

    Black Bernie Arrives Today...

    Nice set!!!!
  3. Bill SAS 513

    What are you listening to right now?

    Just did a CD switch in the car case...Recently played stuff in. Including: Some Frank Zappa (esp. liking I'm the Slime.) Bernie M. (Been in rotation since last week...crap...what a good guy) Blackberry Smoke (A rising favorite of mine...anything!!!) Liquid Tension Experiment
  4. Bill SAS 513

    Bernie Marsden: R.I.P

    Dayum...One of the kindest people I've ever met at the Experiences... Absolutely great to chat with. Next chance you hit a liquor store, pick up a 4=pack, or 6-pack of Doom of his faves.
  5. Bill SAS 513

    RUSH …. It’s time

    OY...huge fan here. Named my Son Alex... Saw them first for Hemispheres, and never missed a nearby show since...except for a wedding. (Silly Love...) Keep "car" copies of the best CDs in my car, cuz I never know when the mood will strike. (Hemi's, P-Waves, Pictures, Signals, T4E, Vapor Trails...
  6. Bill SAS 513

    My all time musical genius is...

    Man...Tough call...But my first answer has always been Neil, Geddy, and Alex. Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, and Freddie Mercury...Crap...its useless. Can't Pick JUST One. Oh, add Victor Wooten...
  7. Bill SAS 513

    This might keep me from playing out…(warning graphic image)

    Dayum...That's a doozie!!! I was gonna say my usual..."Chicks dig scars", or just say "Shark attacked while saving kids"...but somebody beat me to it. Wow, so can you share the story?? Seriously, Heal well.
  8. Bill SAS 513

    NGD: Tremonti Core

    Love that green...Congrats!!!
  9. Bill SAS 513

    What Happened?

    Yeah...I've totally missed this place, but I stop by time to time to check in...I've been MIA for a slew of reasons.... I've sold a bunch of my PRSi to finance a cabin in the WV woods...and its been awesome!!!! My wife and a neighbor and I have built it ourselves. (Mostly the very talented...
  10. Bill SAS 513


    Gorgeous, Les...Congrats!!!
  11. Bill SAS 513

    DGT SE Bridge- very tight - hard to remove strings?

    Yeah, this has happened with other guitar-brand's bridges often...Just keep that allen wrench (Or another type of skinny poker) around for such occasions.
  12. Bill SAS 513

    PRS Santana Soapbar 2010?

    Yeah, they look like Phat Cats to me...Great PUs...Go for it!!!
  13. Bill SAS 513

    NuGD.....all due to you fine folks!

    Holy Crap...Congrats on a great axe Bodia...and I forgot how much I love Triumph!!!!
  14. Bill SAS 513

    NBD semicentennial

    One of my favorite flicks, ever!!! My wife and I reenacted the NOLA killing of the agent down there (very early in the movie) , and some of the locals thought we were crazy, and we rocked it. Sounds like great family fun, too... FAMILY FIRST.
  15. Bill SAS 513

    Honest inquiry

    Yup...Go used...just check the important stuff...electronics, does Truss rod work, Neck pocket ok...and buy it.
  16. Bill SAS 513

    Why no case for the NF 53?

    Yup...Their CE/SE bags are great bags. (Not quite Mono or Reunion great, but great, none the less)
  17. Bill SAS 513

    It's NSELTD for my DGT...

    Nice! Great axe, and Congrats!!!
  18. Bill SAS 513

    Aye, Mateys, Thar Be The Buried Treasure!

    Love it!!! I bet you could picture alot from that gig. Playing music is some of my favorite memories!!!
  19. Bill SAS 513

    Scoring you own funeral

    I love the idea...and not morbid at all...(Unless you (Rhetorically speaking) make it that way). We had a few months with my Dad, and planned everything out. His death sucked, of course, but he helped make it so much easier when he did pass.
  20. Bill SAS 513

    ARS Squabbins…oooold!

    OK, Wow...Nice job, Garret. PS: If I'm ever murdered, I'd like you to investigate the crime. (LOLOL) Nice work. ;):):):):)