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  1. Elliot

    The best that isn’t yours

    If I ever see this Santana in the wild, I'm buying it. Also Bodia's bruise burst santana was hot... Is hot.
  2. Elliot

    Purple edge burst - SHWING!

    Just saw that Gibson has done “purple edge burst” on Instagram the other day. * deleted wrong information here * The one I saw was very subtle. Like a dark red that was just barely purple on the very edge. And my pants suddenly became very tight in the groin area. I “saved” the pic but they...
  3. Elliot

    Oh oh! Juices flowing..........

    did I miss the NGD post, Steve? IIRC not sure I've ever seen you post an NGD and I know your house is overflowing with hot gear.
  4. Elliot

    I Couldn't Resist 2---P.S. Buckeye Burl Trem

    Awesome geetar my man. Love the unfilled bits on the top. (I think I’m remembering this guitar correctly.)
  5. Elliot

    Super Rare Bird Quiz---What Model is This?

    Too much time on this forum and reverb. But also learning from all the guys here with a lot more knowledge than myself. The biggest hint was your clue. It could be anything based on the picture. But the fact that you said it was “rare”. The color, lots of modern eagles with that finish, (at...
  6. Elliot

    Can someone help me decide between these finishes?

    I’m a burnt maple leaf guy. Quilt or flame. Both looked good to me.
  7. Elliot

    *OOPS it already exists* SE Paul's Guitar Thread

    I know these should start showing up in people's hands soon and I'd love to see some of the tops and different angles. I search for new videos on them daily to no avail, still the old videos. I was thinking Anderton's might put one up any day now.
  8. Elliot

    When's your gig?

    A thread for people who want to go see fellow PRS forum members at gigs. My wife and I have the itch to see some live music. I know there are plenty of you guys in Indy. Some of you gig, it sounds like. But it doesn't need to be limited to the Indy or the midwest. I'd love to see one of you...
  9. Elliot

    EDIT: Something Special WAS DELIVERED!!!!!!!

    I'm getting antsy here. CME is flashing your bruise burst all over town, one day I'll get another shot at it
  10. Elliot

    Did you know? Santana II is really an SE. Made in Japan.

    should have seen it before I messaged. It said "10-top", claimed it was a brazilian neck and board and the color was copperhead burst. Now they admit they don't know for sure if the neck is brazilian.
  11. Elliot

    Did you know? Santana II is really an SE. Made in Japan.

    I'm close to reporting this one. I sent them a message and they didn't respond. the title and description are ridiculous. before my message, it didn't even say DC245 or ted mccarty anywhere.
  12. Elliot

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Thanks man! love the open claw and springs design.
  13. Elliot

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Just silver sky’d (santana-ized) the trem cover holes my regular strat. Dry wall spackle and pink acrylic paint. don’t look too close!!! Santana and Mayer got it right.
  14. Elliot

    PRS SE Paul’s Guitar!

    Man I’m really drooling over the new carve. One step closer to a redesigned SE Santana with a new carve.
  15. Elliot

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    golden mesa is hot. I was hoping for a darker green... Not that I'm in a position to buy one.
  16. Elliot

    Hello, new member here! PS Custom 2408.

    love the wood you picked. There are a lot of people who like a good bookmatch on this forum. 2-piece tops are killer!