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  1. georgeprs

    Can't decide Les Paul R8 vs PRS DGT

    Done a little video for tone comparison (also in the mix). Main point for Gibson - it will definitely hold better its value. Plus that sound! Main point for PRS - a better playability, less prone for headstock brake (for a 5K guitar I think it's important) and the trem, although it's not that...
  2. georgeprs

    NGD - 2020 DGT - Dark Cherry Sunburst

    Gorgeous!! Does it stay in tune well, when you push the trem?
  3. georgeprs

    Your Feelings: Core or Imported?

    For me the main difference, as when you play Core Series, you got that feeling of integrity, of having one whole thing resonating to your playing. Imported PRS are great guitars, but don't produce this feeling. Dunno how they achieve that by the Core Series, maybe is the match of wood between...