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    Introduce yourself!

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    Speaking Of Talent...

    I just saw on the news where Zep is being sued for supposedly ripping off the music for "Stairway". I don't remember the band but the chording IS similar, but not the same IMHO.
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    Private Stock Friday

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    Introduce yourself!

    Nice! Welcome to the forum John!
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    Introduce yourself!

    The neck split is absolutely beautiful imho. I wasn't sure about the pups at first but a few tweaks later I changed my mind.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the forum El-Bastardo! The SE 24 Custom Floyd is awesome!
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    But I Did Just Buy This...

    Congrats! I'd love to find a stop tail!
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    NGD - S2 Custom 24 + Blackstar

    Congrats! Beautiful guitar and awesome amp!
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    Relics? I don't get it

    I had a Road Word Strat that looked absolutely awesome and felt great to play. Better than any Strat I had but I sold it when I got over my Strat craze. I really wish I'd kept that one.
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    Show your Singlecuts!

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    NGD!! Got my S2 last night!

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    DGT gone metal ...

    That has to be brutal! In the most awesome way. Congrats!!
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    CU 24 SE Floyds - hold their tuning?

    No issues with mine. I get down right rude with mine. I will say mine easy warbles if I palm mute too hard and I'm considering a 4th spring on my next string change. Although it makes me work on my technique which is always a good thing.
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    NGD - Vela

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    NuGD: SC245

    Beautiful! Congrats!!
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    NGD - SE Guitar #4

    Awesome! Congrats!!