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  1. TroyBaer

    Archon Players Who Use A Boost

    Wampler Tumnus for clean(-ish) boost, Zendrive clone for a mid-hump.
  2. TroyBaer

    Archon Clean Ch "tone" or frequency response graph

    The Archon clean channel seems like a standard Fender BF/SF style circuit with some tweaks to set the center of the tone stack's mid dip a little higher than the usual Fender values.
  3. TroyBaer

    PRS Switching: Blade vs Toggle vs Rotary

    3-way toggle plus push/pull switch for phase reversal on the neck pickup.
  4. TroyBaer

    favorite Dream Theater album?

    Awake has always been my favorite, but I'm one of those weirdos who actually liked Falling Into Infinity for the most part.
  5. TroyBaer

    PRS MT15 tube replacement with 6V6S?

    FWIW, I put JJ 6V6s in my Archon 50 (a somewhat similar circuit) briefly, and while it made noise and nothing melted, caught on fire, or exploded (because JJ 6V6s have voltage ratings more like a 6L6), it also cut quite a bit of volume and bass. The volume cut was welcome, the bass cut...
  6. TroyBaer

    McCarty pickups through the years, which is best?

    I have a '06 rosewood-neck McCarty with the stock McCarty pickups. That neck pickup is probably my favorite neck pickup in any guitar I've ever had; it's just great. The bridge pickup is pretty good, though I wish it had a little more presence/upper treble bite. ...BUT... Based on my...
  7. TroyBaer

    Anyone using attenuators?

    I've recent dug out a Weber MiniMASS that I've had forever to use with my AC15CH rig, as that amp really wants to be run full-out to sound its best and the built-in attenuator has ...issues. My Archon 50 rig OTOH sounds great at noise ordinance friendly volumes.
  8. TroyBaer

    Magnet swaps

    Yup. Swapping the ceramic magnet in an HFS for an Alnico V is a nice change as well.
  9. TroyBaer

    MT15 can use KT77 & EL34 & 6V6 & 6CA7also?

    Is Eurotubes the site in question? They have good prices and selection, but their technical advice is often a bit dodgy and/or warranty-voiding. FWIW, I've put JJ 6V6s in an Archon 50 (i.e. not an MT15 but close) before. It works -- as in, it makes noise and nothing melts, catches on fire, or...
  10. TroyBaer

    Are these PRS pups?

    It's actually a trademark, but yes. (How they got it is a long rant for another day...) It only applies in the US though, so winders in other countries (e.g. Bare Knuckle in the UK) typically ignore it unless they're selling into the US market. It's hard to tell from the low resolution pic...
  11. TroyBaer

    Pickups for Santana SE. Irongear Rolling Mill?

    I had IronGears in my Bernie for a hot minute, a Blues Engine neck and a Rolling Mill overwound bridge. I did not care for them -- they were too muddy for my tastes. I ended up replacing them with a set of Tonerider Alnico 4 Classics, which have become my go-to for inexpensive PAF-ish humbuckers.
  12. TroyBaer

    I done'd a bad ting, George... I bought a...

    I had a Triamp Mk. II for a long, long time -- great amp. The Mk. III addressed my one gripe about the Mk. II, which was that the shared tone controls between the two Amp 2 voicings made it so that either Amp 2A (plexi-ish) would be too bright or Amp 2B (JCM800-ish) would be too muddy.
  13. TroyBaer

    Speakers for PRS Archon 50/25

    I would go with Vintage 30s or something similar (e.g. Eminence Governors or WGS Retro 30s). With my Archon 50 head, I use a PRS SE 2x12 cab and a Port City Wave 2x12. I recently switched the Port City cab from an Emi Governor/Wizard mix to two Governors. The Wizard is super efficient, super...
  14. TroyBaer

    Archon 50 after 5 months

    This is probably the main reason I've hung onto my Archon 50 after the MT-15 came out.
  15. TroyBaer

    How do you guys do it?

    I had what turned into a 17-month wait when I ordered my RS Classic from (the now-defunct) RS Guitars in 2001. It was, shall we say, less than fun.
  16. TroyBaer

    Archon 25 and JJ 6V6S

    That was where PRS recommended KT66s to be biased in the Archon 50 when I asked them about it. In any case, after a while I decided that the extra bass from the KT66s was actually too much (especially when playing 7-string) and switched back to E34Ls.
  17. TroyBaer

    Archon 25 and JJ 6V6S

    I put a pair of JJ 6V6s in my Archon 50 very briefly a couple years ago. They didn't blow the amp up, but I didn't care for how much low end they knocked off. More details at
  18. TroyBaer

    I despise FEDEX.

    My latest misadventure with FedEx went something like this: FedEx, Friday 5pm: [in tracking] Your thing will be delivered on Monday. It requires a signature from you or one of your neighbors. Me, Saturday 9:34am: [leaves for breakfast] FedEx, Saturday 9:37am: [attempts to deliver thing, finds...
  19. TroyBaer

    If you own more than one PRS....

    I don't play mine equally. One of them is my #1, another is a fine backup for that, and the other two are specialty tools because they're in alternate tunings.
  20. TroyBaer

    Tricked out Zach Myers SE!

    AFAIK, all PRS SEs have 50mm spaced (i.e. standard) neck pickups and 52mm spaced (i.e. f-spaced) bridge pickups. That being said, I put 50mm spaced aftermarket bridge pickups (BKP Emerald, then SD Pearly Gates) in a ZM that I used to have without issue.