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  1. Spikedog007

    Let's see those modded PRS's

    I love these straps...First time I've seen these.
  2. Spikedog007

    Up to speed on PRS terms and such

    This is also a nice thread for some PRS history....
  3. Spikedog007

    Prs moving away from V12?

    I had the flaking issue on my Paul's Guitar in just about the exact same spot as FunkyFreeman - Sent it back to PRS and they refinished the entire guitar for free, under warranty. They even asked if I wanted a different color! No issues whatsoever since. Was by far the best experience I've...
  4. Spikedog007

    Bye-Bye Photobucket

    So what do you do with the BBCode, just paste the entire thing in line? I tried pasting that into the add Image box from here but that didn't work. Guess I need to do a little trial and error testing myself. Answered my own question, you just paste the entire BBCode inline, no need to click...
  5. Spikedog007

    Bye-Bye Photobucket

    If you click share, one of the options is Embed, if you then scroll through the code, you will see "img src=" after which is a URL to the actual photo. I copied the URL out then clicked the insert image on this page and pasted the URL in. The embedded code looks like this... <a...
  6. Spikedog007

    Bye-Bye Photobucket

    I was a photobucket user but now I'm looking for something else. I thought Flickr would be a good alternative and they do host the photos and have a nice interface but I haven't figured out how to hot link photos yet. Is there a better option than Flickr? I might have figured it out but it's...
  7. Spikedog007

    Information about my PRS?

    I'm pretty sure the WT stands for wide/thin neck profile, and RF is probably rosewood fingerboard, which further supports the non-original neck theory
  8. Spikedog007

    Would the real Orange Tiger please stand up?

    The color that seems to vary more than any other (at least from what I've seen) is Livingston lemon drop.
  9. Spikedog007

    Would the real Orange Tiger please stand up?

    Cool a thread that gives me an excuse to post my favorite SC guitar... It does look different in different light. Usually it needs a lot of light to really see the color well, otherwise it looks much darker. Or maybe just a really good photog like Brian's has...
  10. Spikedog007

    Stock pickups on Core guitars

    All original for me. In fact, I let a SC Trem go because I didn't like the #6's. Looking back I regret not swapping the pups because the rest of the guitar was pretty incredible.
  11. Spikedog007

    Let's see your ORANGES

    How about Orange Tiger And this one has Orange, among the other colors.
  12. Spikedog007

    Vince Gill joins The Eagles upcoming tour

    That's pretty awesome 11top! The more I listen to Vince, the more impressed I am with both his voice an especially his guitar playing.
  13. Spikedog007

    PRS - Snake

    Surfing PRS dealers today I ran across this one...Pretty incredible!
  14. Spikedog007

    X-rayed Tremonti (PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom)

    I definitely want this on a coffee mug...
  15. Spikedog007

    Just bought 2014 SE Kestrel Bass - is it really a 7.5" fretboard radius?

    Excuse my ignorance but what is different with the setup for different radii?
  16. Spikedog007

    NuGD Singlecut Hollowbody

    Oh my! Love that color scheme. Congrats!
  17. Spikedog007

    NuGD - PS Santana!

    Just incredible! Congrats!
  18. Spikedog007

    Reclaimed Limited CE24 / Experience 2007 Custom 24 / 513?

    Can you post pics of any of these? I think I might go for the CE24 but that's because I've been wanting a semi-hollow for a while now. And to answer one of your questions, no the #6's are not the same as 5909's. The #6 pups seem to be very polarizing, many love them but a lot of others...
  19. Spikedog007

    N(to me)GD 2008 Mira

    Very nice, the wood pg really makes it. I wouldn't change a thing!