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  1. dankilling

    Aerosmith: Farewell Tour

    Apparently they were prepping for the tour about 45 minutes from where I live-
  2. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    Plenty of rain has created proper conditions at the local cyclocross course. Feels like fall is coming.
  3. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    In that case, might I suggest
  4. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    What’s your price range? I’ve been a hard tail guy for many, many years with a strong bmx freestyle( who loves neon and chrome?) and dirt jump history.
  5. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    Hit up the local cyclocross course today for some hot laps. Got a little muddy. Felt good.
  6. dankilling

    Empty nesters

    Well, joined the club this past Thursday. Miss him deeply already, but he seems to be doing well meeting friends according to his texts. I guess I need to do the same.
  7. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    Finally had enough time to replace my broken brake lever. Had some storms since last week- lots of trees down on my mountain. Need to go back up there with a chainsaw….
  8. dankilling

    Empty nesters

    I’m less than 3 days from joining the empty nest club. Still sorting out how I feel about that- he gave me a reason to be a part of a larger community. A sense of purpose. I haven’t had to find those things myself for a really long time. I really worry about how he will do on his own. I guess we...
  9. dankilling

    Vela S2 Solid Body

    I went with the hollow body mostly because I didn’t have a semi hollow guitar already. The two sound more similar than they do different, but the semi hollow has a bit more resonance in feel.
  10. dankilling

    PSA - Paisley PRS 4x12’s Philly area

    I could go pick it up- I live about 45 minutes from the town it’s listed in
  11. dankilling

    Where are you?

    Halfway between NYC and Philly
  12. dankilling

    Vela Question

    Where are you getting the pickguard made?
  13. dankilling

    Vela Question

    For me, it’s about the more ‘vintage’ style and sounds the Vela is capable of. The pickups have an almost Gretch tone to my ear, and the offset body is light and comfortable. FWIW, I actually swapped the pickups in mine to a mini-humbucker/alnico 2 humbucker arrangement because in its stock...
  14. dankilling

    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    Nope. I like PRS designs best when they are purely PRS
  15. dankilling

    Has anyone watched Manifest? The TV show...

    Wife and I watched until they cancelled it on NBC. We’re there additional episodes after that? It was never resolved on regular broadcast.
  16. dankilling

    Welp. That Went Badly.

    Funny, I feel the exact same way when I go back to my electric- I’ve spent the past 3 years playing to accompany myself on acoustic that I find that I overplay on my electric to the point of it sounding like mush. I need to figure out either how to use my electric in my solo music, or find...
  17. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    My wife is really happy that the Apple Watch she got me will call her if I crash. But I really appreciate solitude as well
  18. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    That’s a HUGE day!
  19. dankilling

    All about bicycles

    Max altitude that I can ride to from home is only about 500m. That said, I managed to get out 4x so far this week!
  20. dankilling

    Anyone with Quilter experience

    I have an Interblock 45 and a Superblock US. Both are great examples of solid state sound. The cleans are great, and the Superblock does a good job of getting the ‘flavor’ of the amps it is trying to sound like at reasonable sound levels. The US also has a decent cab sim and DI out that I’ve...