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  1. Woundtight

    Private Stock Friday

    "Translucent gold top" looks spectacular in its natural state. Can't wait to see how that turns out.
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    That Cedar Topper, WOW!
  3. Woundtight


    So well put together!
  4. Woundtight

    Private Stock Friday

    Love it. Nice stinger.
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    That is the embodiment of perfection.
  6. Woundtight

    Private Stock Friday

    Yes, this is killer, I would love to see more. Looks like Black Limba sandwiched with a Maple Top and a Swamp Ash Back. That would be awesome, I am not a big fan of how Swamp Ash sounds, but the look, wow! I say Black Limba or Korina,... look at the Trem cavity. Or they faked us out and its...
  7. Woundtight

    Private Stock Friday

    Spalt is from a fungus in decaying wood. Spalted maple tends to be very light, soft and porous. I think they actually dip it in glue, or a stabilizer to have a finish that will last. I am guessing you can't stain wood that has been dipped in glue, it won't absorb stain properly.
  8. Woundtight

    NGD - Purple Sparkle content

    Wow, that looks great!
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    Grass Stain Dragon's Breath Fade It pops, on stage:
  10. Woundtight

    Amps towards the back of the stage.

    Steve trying to control stage volume, lol
  11. Woundtight

    =c= any info?

    winged =c=... \m/ I have had several Marshall Silver Jubilees and the one I bought with winged =c= tubes is pretty special. Plus a Ruby HG+ 12ax7a in V1. I know those tubes are really expensive now, but mine is 50W, and I only need a pair.
  12. Woundtight

    On the way to the Big House

    When I saw the title, I thought maybe you were going to Ann Arbor and visit Les!!
  13. Woundtight

    Small part of the family shot under the sun

    That last one- Artist III. also, its has some of the last Mammoth Ivory ( outlines) with Green Heart Abalone birds!
  14. Woundtight

    Small part of the family shot under the sun

    Welcome Felipe!! Ya know I love that Cedar guitar! I was hoping you would show some more of your stellar collection. Got any relics to show us?;)
  15. Woundtight

    Private Stock Friday

    I believe that is Pistachio.
  16. Woundtight

    The Big Grab (Part 2 of 4)

    White pearl is sweet. I dig that fretboard, nice and dark, with some figure to it. IRW?
  17. Woundtight

    Anyone see the SB commercial with Santana playing the reliced Singlecut?

    Anyone see the SB commercial with Santana playing the reliced Singlecut?
  18. Woundtight

    The Way Things Work

    So I worked for Rockwell Automation for 20+ years. I remember when that video was sprung on us during a sales meeting, mid 90's. there were other versions that pre date this one. Since the OP mentioned automation in Fender and Gibson factories: In 2004, I had a breakfast meeting planned with...
  19. Woundtight

    Fresh Squeezed Orange Tourmaline

    Orange is my favorite color on a PRS and that shade is the best of the best. Enjoy!!
  20. Woundtight


    See y'all @NAMM. No Hans this year, but I hear Timbo Wallzyeee, might be resurfacing?!