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    My Stripped 58 has 57/08 pickups that are weaker than I'd like...

    This thread got me wondering what my 57/08's measured. Through the patch cable I got 10.41 and 11.39. I thought that couldn't be right so I took the back cover off and measured at the leads and got 8.09 and 9.26. What could make the readings so different? I had the volume and tone maxed when I...
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    My turn....I did a thing... (Now with upgrades!)

    Great looking guitar! Enjoy!
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    NGD Elly May has touched down

    So glad that you're finding happiness with this new guitar! You certainly deserve it after all you've been through!
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    Changing pickups without wasting strings? - PRS DGT SE

    I knew you could do it! Glad you find the new pickups so much better, although I'm a bit surprised after all reviewers going on about how great they are. Even Grissom himself seems to think so. Oh, well, no doubt SD makes some excellent pickups. I don't think you told us what set you used...
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    One set of pickups out...a new set in...PRS SE Soapbar

    Are the BK's noiseless? I put a set if Lollar mini humbuckers in my Soapbar II. Actually bought the Soapy because I liked the Lollars so much but didn't care for the SG I had them in. The Lollars have a unique sound. But then I got a set of Gibson P90'S and put them in the SG. I like it again...
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    NGD: McCarty 594 Wood Library Roswood Neck/BRZ FB

    That's a great top! I know what you mean about the rosewood neck. I have a McCarty with one, and it feels just wonderful in the hand.
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    2007 McCarty - McCarty Burst

    I prefer Moon dots. I'm sure I'm in the minority, though.
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    Changing pickups without wasting strings? - PRS DGT SE

    I've done it more than once with standard tuners. Wasn't difficult at all to get enough slack to get the pickups out and new ones back in.
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    2007 McCarty - McCarty Burst

    That top is stunning! I have an older cousin to your guitar. Not nearly as pretty a top, but same color and a rosewood neck w/ moon dots. Loving it!
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    Much better single coil sounds from a humbucker using the Partial Split mod

    I mean the red lines that seem to have been added to the wiring diagram. Going from the neck pickup resistor to the neck hot side of the three way.
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    Much better single coil sounds from a humbucker using the Partial Split mod

    Hmmm. I did this on my McCarty and I agree it works well, but I'm not quite understanding how your new pot works vs the standard push/pull or what the red lines are in your diagram. With the standard push/pull both pickups are spit at the same time but with different value resistors. You show...
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    594 Tuners

    Same here. I enjoy changing strings. A neat job with non lockers is gratifying, and looks great without the extra knobs etc.
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    Got my 57/08's in today.

    Odd that PRS would change the wiring codes. Fortunately I had researched it prior so I knew what was wrong. Simple fix.
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    Cort-Tek made SE's

    Not sure when the above referenced article was written but in my opinion the pickups in my Paul's SE definitely don't suck, and I have SD Seth Lovers and PRS 57/08's to compare them to. He is correct about the fretwork, which is excellent. One nitpick I have about the MII guitars is that the...
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    NGD: 2006 PRS Singlecut Satin Soapbar

    That is a sweet guitar! I really like the satin, no frills vibe.
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    Got my 57/08's in today.

    They do sound awesome to me! I wouldn't be surprised if the previous guy did have them wrong. Especially given the incorrect wiring diagram (white to split). When I wired them that way the bridge sounded normal but the neck when split was very weak.
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    Got my 57/08's in today.

    Just did them this morning and they sound fabulous! It was a breeze except for two things. The previous owner of said pickups had put a bit heat shrink tube on the white wires, leading me to think it was the coil split wire. Also the McCarty wiring diagram shows the white wires going to the...
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    Why do most import pickups sound the way they do?

    I certainly don't know the answer, but I know that guru pickup winders like Lollar and Duncan are very specific about exactly what materials they use, so those choices must make a difference. I'm sure that they understand capacitance and inductance as well.
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    McCarty SC594 compared to traditional LP's?

    Regarding "everything matters ", I've noticed some McCarty's are over 8 lbs while some are significantly under. I saw one listed for sale that was very close to 7 lbs. According to some the heavier guitars are brighter. Others say they have more growl. Mine has a rosewood neck. Brighter and...
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    McCarty SC594 compared to traditional LP's?

    This is probably the main reason I thought I'd never want a Gibson, but then I went and bought an SG. I figured I could avoid breaking it. Every time I play it, though, I think that they really didn't need that much angle back on the headstock.