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  1. chet

    Best PRS for Nickelback-type sound

    Guess they haven't lifer.
  2. chet

    Best PRS for Nickelback-type sound

    Nickelback really?
  3. chet

    2012 USA Tremonti's Neck

    I wouldn't say they are vastly different. Now going from my Tremonti to my CU22, I would definitely use the term vastly.
  4. chet

    Alter Bridge at Rock AM Ring - Lots of PRS

    Pure talent!
  5. chet

    What cab for an Archon?

    Musicians Friends sends me 20% off coupons all the time. Sweetwater will match the coupon if you wanted to get it there instead. The prices at Sweetwater aren't firm. I've never paid full price for any large purchase there. Sign up at Musicians Friend. Give them your email address and they...
  6. chet

    About the "charcoal burst" color

    I don't really like the color brown on a guitar but in certain lighting, it looks amazing. Personally, I was expecting my Charcoal burst to look different. I originally ordered a Charcoal contour burst. Several weeks later a Charcoal burst arrived. But I have to say the Charcoal burst looks...
  7. chet

    About the "charcoal burst" color

    I thought my Charcoal burst looked primarily gray and black until yesterday. The sun was shining on it late in the day and the browns came out. I am not a fan of brown but the guitar looked amazing.
  8. chet

    Have you ever bought an artist signature guitar mostly because you like the artist?

    I like the SC 245 but there is no trem option to my knowledge. I went with the Tremonti charcoal burst. I prefer the Gibson Style guitars which attracted me to the Tremonti.
  9. chet

    Just got my Archon

    I am considering either the Archon or the Dual rectifier. I've mostly used combo amps.
  10. chet

    PRS guitarist?

    I don't believe Schon uses PRS exclusively. Don't care for him very much. Prefer to see Lowery or Tremonti. Seen both Sevendust and Alterbridge many times live.
  11. chet


    Pretty sweet!
  12. chet

    PRS ONLY? What else do you play?

    That's a cool picture.
  13. chet

    PRS ONLY? What else do you play?

    I have a few different guitars but nothing plays quite like the PRS. My father left me an old original 72 Telecaster with an original Fender 65 Twin Reverb silverface that sounds amazing together but I love my PRS's. Refuse to play anything ESP that is made in Japan. I have a musicman reflex...
  14. chet

    1400 dollar guitar should come with a hard shell case am I alone in this

    I will have to disagree. The customs or private stock yes for sure.
  15. chet

    Order Placed!

    Your lucky!! I was quoted 3-4 months :confused:
  16. chet

    IRS SUCKS!!!!

    That sucks :-(
  17. chet

    IRS SUCKS!!!!

    How on earth does someone get in that predicament? Preventative maintenance. Prepare and be aware. Good luck to you. The IRS is no joke.
  18. chet


    Now that is a sweet color. Really like the faded blue jean too.
  19. chet

    Small Amp to compliment Custom 24 ?

    I have a Blackstar Stage 60 and I absolutely hate it. I've swapped out the tubes and speakers. Can't get it to sound right with any of the settings. I prefer my 65 Twin Reverbs. I am eyeballing the Archon though.