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    How is the tuning stability on the SE Tremonti, or any trem-equipped SEs?

    My tremonti and 24 have pretty good stability, but i dont actually use the trem. Both will occasionally ping at the bridge on the G string. Like any floating bridge changing strings is best done one at a time. Once strings are stretched its pretty stable.
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    Which SE for me?

    I have a 245, a se24 standard and just added a se tremonti. The trem is pretty much a non issue on prs, I dont use it, but like the way it lays flat on the body, makes palm muting a breeze. I have a older koren 245 and it sounds big, like a single cut :), the se24 is more modern sound, will...
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    Mark Tremonti se

    Nice upgrades, I really like the "bones" of the guitar. Mine has some tuning issues but getting there. I ordered a core nut, not installed yet. The guitar came in from 2000 miles away so still getting the action right. The thornbuckers are top of the list right now.
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    Mark Tremonti se

    Let me know how how you guys like the new pickups.
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    Mark Tremonti se

    I bought a used MT, I am not a big fan of the pickups, but knew that might be the case. The single cut with a wide thin neck pulled me in. I'm looking for a more classic rock than the modern rock. Suggestions for a guitar with the 25" scale, Single cut ect.
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    Pickup noise

    If you touch the Outer metal on the guitar cable and the hum goes away its a guitar grounding problem. wrap a wire around the outer metal on the cable and touch it to the bridge, the pots inside ect. if the noise goes away look at that part of the circuit. Try wiggling the wires and see if there...
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Quality Control

    This is from my personal experience only, anything hitting the market in the last year or so needs to be carefully checked out. I bought a new zack myer, it had cold solder joints, the wiring was truly terrible and the bridge wasnt grounded. They ordered me a replacement, and the bridge pins...
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Quality Control

    Agreed, Sweetwater would be an exception. All my dealings with them have been excellent. The same cant be said for Guitar Center/ Musicians Friend. I got my fender player from MF and it was almost unplayable, my sons came from sweetwater and it was great.
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Quality Control

    In 2020 I would not buy a prs se that i couldnt fully test. I have a Indonesian made se cu24 that is great. I had 2 zack myers (the new ones) both had wiring issues, cold solder joints, bridge not grounded, One had the bridge pins installed leaning forward. Both sounded pretty terrible compared...
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    Cant remove string through string-through bridge

    I use a cut piece of the E or A string to push it out.
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    Nut replacement for 2018 Tremonti SE

    I just bought a used Tremonti and it is currently set up with 12s in drop C. I assume the nut will need to be replaced to get back to the 9s that it originally came with. Looking for the best/easiest replacement, buy a core or tusq? Other?
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    Santana SE - noise issue

    I got 2 different Zack Myers SEs that the bridge wasnt grounded. Run a wire from the outside of the of the guitar cable to the bridge, if it quiets thats the problem. One of them also had a bad solder joint at one of the pots. Ended up returning both.
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    Prs SE quality?

    There is a solid wire and a stranded going into the body towards the bridge. The stranded is soldered to the pots and grounding the solid wire does nothing. You can run a jumper wire from ground to the physical bridge and it's perfect. I am assuming it's not grounding in the body at the bridge...
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    Prs SE quality?

    Update, Guitar Center had another Zack Myer shipped in from another store. They claim to have checked the guitar out. I brought the guitar home, same annoying buzz as the previous guitar. It would be hard to hear in a loud music store. Its about like the noise of a single coil. I dont think this...
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    Prs SE quality?

    I picked up a 2021 Zack Myer, plays great everything looked ok, I didnt even plug it in, too noisy in the store to tell much. Got home had a wicked buzz, found one cold soldier joint. Thought I had found it, Nope the guitar still wasnt grounded. Back to GC they arent authorized repair, so they...
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    Opinion on PRS SE Standard 24

    I have a SE24 standard in the blue. Its the best playing guitar Ive owned. I also have a Strat, and a SE245 custom. The se24 is fairly light, has great balance, and plays amazing. I have it paired with a Boss Katana and its way more rig than I am player :) The new standards are made in...
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    Why the 85/15 S hate?

    the Orig poster said 25th not 35th and the 85/15s would not be listed as muddy on my list. The ones in my SE245 are muddy compared to the 85/15s but both sound good. I prefer the ones in the 245 but play ability of the se24
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    SE 24 Classic Wiring mod 85/15?

    Solved, just get one that has 2 tone 2 volume :) I think my stay at home kit is complete for now.
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    SE 24 Classic Wiring mod 85/15?

    I really like the sound of the neck pickup but want the tone rolled back on the bridge. I kind of miss the second tone control of les pauls and strats. I was thinking of wiring the tone control to the bridge pickup only. Anyone tried this or see any major down sides?
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    Looking at a Prs se custom, old version

    Thanks for the info, I havent played in years and forgot about the plank nature of the early ones.