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  1. El-Bastardo

    NGD Custom 24 Faded Evergreen

    Nice score! I even quoted the post so we can look at the pics some more. That green is really spectacular.
  2. El-Bastardo

    Hostile Takeover!

    Lol well I don't know what PRSi means but I can only imagine the money that's been spent on guitars in this forum. I definitely know my limits and try not to temp myself with stuff I can't afford. However, once I played my custom 24 se, I had to have it. It is unlike all of my other guitars and...
  3. El-Bastardo

    Hostile Takeover!

    I have to say that I've been an Ibanez guy since about 92 when I bought a Radius 540. I currently own 5 of them. Radius, S520, RGT, AX, and a RG7. I still love my Ibanez guitars but in the past few years discovered that I really love Schecter as well. I have 2 of those now. An 07 Hellraiser, and...
  4. El-Bastardo

    NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

    That looks pretty awesome! Great job
  5. El-Bastardo

    Guitar Tech Station 4-6-2016

    Pretty awesome work station! Congratulations on the purchase, I hope you have a lot of fun with it.
  6. El-Bastardo

    Extracting some clean tones out of my CU24... they're beautiful!

    Very good tone. I liked it very much.
  7. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    Thanks. Interestingly enough, I brought it to practice last night and it sounded totally different through my stage rig and I loved it. I don't think there will be a major rush to replace them yet. Although now it seems that it's my 2x12 cab at home is what sounds bad, just never noticed before...
  8. El-Bastardo


    Nice guitar bro. I, really liking the single cut since I saw the Akerfeldt signature.
  9. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    Oh hell yes, that's what I'm talking about! I don't know if I'm colorblind or what but I can't tell what color it is. Is it the same charcoal grey?
  10. El-Bastardo

    NAD incoming!

    I'd like to know what it turns out to be when you actually get your hands on it. Good find.
  11. El-Bastardo

    NAD incoming!

    Wow, that is a sweet looking amp! Love the flame maple but the tolex or what looks like tolex is a nice touch.
  12. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    Thanks guys. I really like this guitar. I've been tweaking the pickups height and poles. I lowered the trem a bit and changed the strings to super Slinky's as far as the pickups go, I'm eventually going to change them out. I'm used to playing EMG's so that's probably why I'm hearing these a bit...
  13. El-Bastardo

    NGD - SE Custom 22 semi hollow grey black

    Yeah man, I like it. Great flame maple top.
  14. El-Bastardo

    NGD! 30th Anniversary CU24

    Very nice score! I love that headstock too.
  15. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    This is a great idea. I'm going to give this a shot before I do anything. I totally agree with you about that Santana sound. He has great tone. I don't know about twice my age though, that would make you 92. Lol
  16. El-Bastardo

    John Mayer and the PRS Super Eagle

    Good post. That dude has got some skills, and he makes that guitar sound awesome. It's not my cup of tea personally but that wouldn't stop me from giving it a go.
  17. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    The HFS sounds good and beefy to a point, great for blues, and sabbath style riffs, and the coil tap is great for that Strat sound but the treble is seemingly too bright. I was considering a Duncan set like Slash, Black Winter or Pegasus/Sentient. I may have to consider those Bare Knuckles...
  18. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    Sorry for the crappy links, I'll use my photobucket next time.
  19. El-Bastardo

    El-Bastardo's NGD

    So I'm a newbie here, just joined yesterday. I figured now would be a good time to share my first PRS purchase. I really like this guitar. It plays as smooth as can be. I love the QM top, it's beautiful and it has a Floyd to boot. I got this in on Tuesday and have about 6 hours of playtime on...
  20. El-Bastardo

    Introduce yourself!

    Indeed it is. Incredibly smooth and easy to play and the coil tap is a nice feature. Thanks for welcoming comments, I'll try to add stuff to my profile bio, gear, etc.later on tonight.