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  1. BlackMoons

    Necks: DGT vs. Pattern Regular

    I've got one of the first DGTs off the line in 2008, and love the neck. I've since heard the DGT neck specs have changed a few times since then. Any truth to this rumor?
  2. BlackMoons

    I wish there was a stock 594 “Black Beauty” option

    I'm still looking for a black double cutaway 594. Shout if anyone has a lead on one, new or used. Thanks in advance.
  3. BlackMoons

    PRS DGT - any reason not to buy a new one over an older one?

    I was told I own the first black DGT sent to a dealer. Years later, I was told the neck carve changed on the DGT model, but to be honest, I love mine so much I've never bothered to check out other DGTs to compare. Sorry I can't confirm the changed neck carve claim.
  4. BlackMoons

    Recommend a molded case for a 2003 McCarty?

    Been eyeing this one on Amazon.
  5. BlackMoons

    Let's see some MODERN EAGLE 1s. Wutcha got?

    2005 PRS Modern Eagle 1, stock. The IMG tag won't play nice. Sorry. Mods, what did I do wrong?
  6. BlackMoons

    Odd issue with DGT tuning machine

    I'm having this problem right now with a 2008 DGT. It's my number one PRS in a sizable collection. Nothing to do with the nut. It's the buttons on the tuning machines. Does anyone know if there was an official fix for this?
  7. BlackMoons

    Hollowbody vs Archtop

    I still miss the McCarty Archtop model.
  8. BlackMoons

    Anyone playing only/mostly PRS these days??

    I sold all my Gibsons by 2000. I only play PRS now.
  9. BlackMoons

    2016 Private Stock Calendar

    Anyone know what color the finish is on the guitar gracing the 2016 calendar? A variation of black? is my monitor off, or do I see a bit of green in there?
  10. BlackMoons

    Moon Me!

    I should've added the third from the bottom is now back in the PRS Guitars archives. It's one of the first CE-24s out the door, with the old non-signature logo on the headstock. I gave them the original knobs, too. Amazing neck and fingerboard. I'm more a 22-fret guy, and it was a piece of...
  11. BlackMoons

    Moon Me!

    Dusty Chalk with the obscure reference win of the month! Sweet! They all feel and sound different. It's a toolbox. The DGT gets the most action.
  12. BlackMoons

    Moon Me!

    Yeah, baby. Best electric 12-string I've ever played, let alone owned. A great instrument.
  13. BlackMoons

    A DGT photo thread...

    That disturbs me. Mine is my favorite PRS. I had always hoped to get more like her.
  14. BlackMoons

    A DGT photo thread...

    Here's my 2008 DGT. I ordered this after J. Hayes let me play his when the DGT was shown at the 2007 Experience. I believe it took about eight months to get mine. I was told by two PRS folks and one dealer this was the first black one released into the wild. I've played the hell out of it since...
  15. BlackMoons

    Moon Me!

    Nothing but moons, baby.
  16. BlackMoons

    Post your favorite Private Stock

    Are there any further shots of this beauty?
  17. BlackMoons

    Custom/unique finishes

    Thank you, Dusty!
  18. BlackMoons

    Custom/unique finishes

    Is there a PRS resource on the site or in the forum showing and naming all the custom or one-off finishes over the years? Yes, I've searched, and didn't find what I was looking for. I understand these finishes might not be available, even via Private Stock, but I'm curious as to what's gone out...
  19. BlackMoons

    Played another DGT today !!

    I was told I've got the first black DGT off the line. It's disturbing to hear the more recent models have a different neck profile. I love the neck on mine.
  20. BlackMoons

    PRS Family Photos thread

    My "none more black" (except for the Charcoal Modern Eagle) working collection. I'll have to break them out for a proper family photo soon.