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    I’m back. Missed me

    I’m back. Missed me
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    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Many happy returns Paul. ave a gud un
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    I was hoping for the Prs switching but all 5 positions just sound weaker than before I changed it from the stock 3 way switch.
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    I'll give it a try. It does seem that the full humbucker sound isn't there.
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    I've rewired my se cu 24 with a super switch following the schematic as shown and the stock pickups but I'm not getting the tones I thought I would. Do I have to do a magnet swap? Any ideas please.
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    Wiring help

    It's a no brand thing I got from axerus here in the UK. I followed a diagram I found for a different brand of pickups but I don't think I have it right. Plus fo I have to swap the magnet around on the neck pickup?
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    Wiring help

    It's a different switch. Mine has 6 soldering points per side not 5 like the Prs one
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    Wiring help

    I have 4 core pickups which are hfs and vintage. I'm using a after market switch. Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Wiring help

    Already checked the site but no joy. Nothing when Google either. Thank's
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    Wiring help

    I have a Se custom 24 which I want to mod with a 5 way super switch so I can get the core model switching. I don't have a clue what the stock pickups wiring code is do if any one knows please tell me. Thanks guys
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    Show me your custom accessories

    Heres my home made trc cover. Prs have told me that i cant sell this design due to copyright but I do make other designs as a hobby mostly [/URL][/IMG]
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    #7 Pickups in S2 Semi Hollow Singlecut

    I have American made #7s in a singlecut se and they sound amazing.
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    not guitar related but

    R,I,P Sir Terry Pratchet who died today. He is my favorite author who has made me laugh even after reading the same book countless times.
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    My White and Gold Guitar

    Don't care what colour that dress is but we need a O MY GOD THATS FREAKIN AWESOME button on this forum. Lovely guitar
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    Torero Pickup (Replacement?) Advice

    Have you tried putting 10,s on your Torero aswell. Might just give you that tone your looking for.
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    Freakin BOTS!!!

    I've reported 3 today. We do seem to be getting more.
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    identify this guitar please

    Thanks guys. Will let him know.
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    identify this guitar please

    Am i right about it being a 2006 model?
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    identify this guitar please

    Hi every one. I have been asked to help identify this guitar by some one who has been a G****n man and he wants to experience a proper brand. [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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    PRS Pickup Help!

    I believe there 245s on the se.