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  1. Paul L

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    I visited the factory a few weeks ago. I left the backplate from my Santana with my info, and they had Paul sign it and then send it back to me.
  2. Paul L

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    Sorry about that...I'll repost it on imgur:
  3. Paul L

    PRS Factory from 30000 feet

    Flying home to Philly from New Orleans yesterday, I just happened to look out the window at precisely the right time to capture this image of Kent Island. The blue arrow points to the factory location.
  4. Paul L

    Recommend a molded case for a 2003 McCarty?

    I just bought a 2003 McCarty and was wondering if anyone could recommend a molded hard shell case for it. The guitar does come with the OHSC, but I prefer smaller, lighter molded cases. Anything by SKB, Gator, etc. would be fine as long as it's a good fit. Thanks! P.S. Will post pics of the...
  5. Paul L

    What is this finish called?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm quite taken with it. Apparently it was someone's backup axe so it didn't get played all that much. And yes, Brian G, it's not quite so yellow in person.
  6. Paul L

    What is this finish called?

    I just bought this 2007 Santana III and was hoping someone could tell me what this finish is called. Thanks!
  7. Paul L

    NGD: DC 22

    No, just plain ol' 3-way switching. Which is fine, I've never been a split/tap coil guy anyway.
  8. Paul L


  9. Paul L

    NGD: DC 22

    Bought one of these from MF. Great guitar, even without the bling. Considerably lighter and more ergonomic than a LP, but just as toneful. 7lb 4oz.
  10. Paul L

    NAD: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36

    Just curious...did you ever try swapping tubes or running the amp into a cab? The stock tubes are nothing to write home about...they're okay, but I can see where some might perceive the tone as somewhat brittle. Maybe some JJs or Mullards or Tung-Sols might have done the trick. I'm going to...
  11. Paul L

    NAD: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36

    I have both the 18 and the 36. Clean channel on both is excellent...everything from squeaky clean to bluesy breakup. Crunch/lead channels are great for anything from blues to hard rock. It'll do metal, but I don't play metal so I can't speak to that as well. Lots of video reviews/demos on...
  12. Paul L

    NAD: Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36

    In my ongoing quest to lighten the load, in every sense of the word, I have parted with a few dear old friends in favor of lighter, more portable amps. The Tubemeister 36 head and 2-12" cab arrived today, and all I can say is WOW! This is a compact but very potent setup, and with the power...
  13. Paul L

    Strange behavior from tone knob

    I have a 2010 Cu22 Soapy that I bought new a few months ago. Great guitar and I love everything about it. However, I noticed a strange anomaly with the tone control. When the bridge pickup is on by itself, as I roll back the tone knob the volume decreases significantly (along with the high...
  14. Paul L

    New to forum, looking for advice on prs purchase

    Between the two, I'd lean towards the DGT, since I was a big fan of the McCarty, on which the DGT was based. I do like Customs, but I'm a 22 fretter as well (my only PRS at the moment is a Custom 22 Soapbar).
  15. Paul L

    I need a dealer...

    Paul Schein at Washington Music Center (a.k.a. Chuck Levin's) has been very helpful to me in the past. I've also had good experiences with Wildwood Guitars (don't have a name to give you, sorry).
  16. Paul L

    Question - New PRS

    I prefer Dunlops. I used to use Schallers but I've had them come loose on me. Never had an issue with the Dunlops (some people will say the opposite, but this has been my experience).
  17. Paul L

    NGD: My first USA PRS

    That's a helluva first PRS. Congrats!
  18. Paul L

    Question - New PRS

    The only guitars I bought new that came with strap locks were my Carvins, and that's because I ordered them that way. On all my other guitars, including my PRS, I installed them myself.
  19. Paul L

    So how many guitars are too many? When do you have enough?

    That just became my FB cover photo.
  20. Paul L

    Only took 6 and a half months. :)

    I'm sure it was well worth the wait. Congrats!