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  1. Turkeyhead

    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    That sounds great. I love the 408 standard. Never played a rosewood neck one but that’s probably the only improvement one could have.
  2. Turkeyhead

    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    Such a difficult question but I might have to say 513 Swamp Ash. I just love it. I typically favor rosewood necks but overall, it’s probably my favorite. Makes me wonder what a 513 Swamp Ash with a rosewood neck would sound like!
  3. Turkeyhead

    Ugly guitars (not PRS of course)

    I think BC Rich mockingbirds are beautiful. It doesn’t look like a pointy guitar type guitar to me. It’s a beautiful shape with a little bit of point to it. The PRS Zappa is ugly as can be but I feel like if I saw one in person I would like playing it. I have a Gibson reverse Flying V. I...
  4. Turkeyhead

    2004 Swamp Ash Special? To buy or not to buy, that is the question!

    SAS are fantastic! I really like the stock pickups too. Someone mentioned 57/08s for it which I imagine would be great in that guitar but I haven’t found a need to change the stock ones. A little setup makes these amazing
  5. Turkeyhead

    Well...what do you think?

    Nice choice. That looks great!
  6. Turkeyhead

    PRS Cables. . .

    I’ve been using them for several years. I love them. Haven’t use any other since I bought my first. Worth the cost.
  7. Turkeyhead

    NGD - Wood Library DGT

    Completely beautiful
  8. Turkeyhead

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    Change some mahogany necks to rosewood.
  9. Turkeyhead

    NGD - The Ugly Duckling

    Great one. I bet with a setup and strings settling in the tuning stability will fall into place. Very cool guitar
  10. Turkeyhead

    Interesting find b-stock soapbar custom

    Great looking guitar. I didn’t know they let B-stocks into the wild. Interesting
  11. Turkeyhead

    McCarty 594 2017 vs 2020 Changes

    I’ve never played a bad PRS. I expect you will continue to like it
  12. Turkeyhead

    No quilt. No flame.

    Completely beautiful
  13. Turkeyhead

    NGD (and first post)

    You’ll love it
  14. Turkeyhead

    Something Dark Cherry Burst this way comes...NGD Update

    Beautiful guitar. I hope you love it
  15. Turkeyhead

    Prs Petrecca Prototype?

    I like it. Unique and pretty tasteful. I do love explorers though. As was mentioned, they feel great to play and I think they look great. Big fan of firebirds too. I’d buy a core one if they had it.
  16. Turkeyhead

    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    I don’t remember how the strings are made but in general, I feel like Ernie Ball strings are more loose feeling than D'Addario / PRS strings. I’m a heavy handed ogre with strings and I have never been happy with Ernie Ball and love D'Addario / PRS. My suggestion is to put Ernie Balls on it...
  17. Turkeyhead

    NGD -False Advertising

    I like the sound of the original. I would put the original in. Especially if you’re doing it yourself. If you prefer the others just put them back in or get something else. Just takes a little time
  18. Turkeyhead

    NGD -False Advertising

    Beautiful guitar! Shame about the missing case candy though
  19. Turkeyhead

    NGD: 2004 513

    So nice!
  20. Turkeyhead

    Which is the one PRS to rule them all?

    Obviously personal preference is the determining factor for this. For me, of the guitars I’ve spent time with, is the 513 swamp ash. It just sounds good for all occasions and it feels great to me. The 408 is a pretty close second. Would love a 513 with a rosewood neck though. I prefer a...