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  1. d1backwoods

    The Song Title Game

    Bill Withers - Whatever Happens
  2. d1backwoods

    Incoming NSD

    The Jerk is my second favorite move of all time. EXCELLENT REFERENCE!
  3. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    Our church is currently doing pre-recorded services on Friday nights, with attendance capped at 30 people
  4. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    So 2 weeks in a row I put my Mira to work, and boy it SHOWED UP !!! Volume at 9 and Tone at 7.5-8, just exactly what I need. Attached a pic just for proof that I'm not a keyboard-player
  5. d1backwoods

    Name ONE song that makes you happy & pumps you up

    this is my go to (stand up and get loose) song
  6. d1backwoods

    SE Mods

    As soon as I took my Mira SE out of the box I slapped on my PRS black lampshade knobs, already ordered a set of Amber ones (if i "Accidentally" order another guitar)
  7. d1backwoods

    What are you listening to right now?

    some Gaslight Anthem
  8. d1backwoods

    New PRS For Me

    I agree with many above me, but the Santana model sounds like the fit. The new Egyptian Gold color variant is MARVELOUS .
  9. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    Get it... I'm A Zit!
  10. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    So I got the Mira about some serious crunch with the perfect mix of "clean". Very stoked with what this can do and very adaptable with my pedal arrangement. Once again thanks much much much for the suggestions and guidance on this, have already talked to wife about multiple people...
  11. d1backwoods

    Design Your Own Signature Guitar!

    Paul's Guitar basics (Shape, PUP's, Toggles, Electronics) Maple Burl Body w/ Nebula Finish on front and Exposed back Figured Maple 24 Fretboard Opal Bird Inlay's All Nickle Hardware
  12. d1backwoods

    My Humble SE CU24 Lookin’ Sophisticated!

    that looks absolutely beautiful. very nicely added items, MAKES THAT GUITAR!
  13. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    Very thankful for everyone’s continued input VERY VERY MUCH! I had to limit my purchase to $900. So I ordered a new SE Mira, with a professional setup and bone nut install. Also I Completely understand an instruments dollar amount does not equal the playability of said instrument. I will give...
  14. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    This is what I went for over the weekend. Ordered a Mira :- ) .... I do love all the options out there, and to the user who commented about the SE line I will say that has always been my "market price". Once I get better at this craft I think I will make the jump to the S2 or CE Linep. Thank...
  15. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    I been reading on the SE Paul's guitar as well, looks like more versatility than the average guitar (in that price point). I have also owned previously a Zach Myers SE 2017 and that was a great guitar but I like living close or under the 7 pound range
  16. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    Currently on a Telecaster Thinline classic vibe, previously than that PRS SE22 SemiHollow, and Fender Jaguar
  17. d1backwoods

    The Song Title Game

    Mountains - Cherry Pick
  18. d1backwoods

    Guitar adaptability/usage

    I am not the best guitarist by any means, but am not a beginner. Looking for guidance or tip on chosing right guitar. I have owned over 1.5-2 dozen guitars and always keep them for a few months and swap/trade for something else. My issue is I play everything from praise/worship to...
  19. d1backwoods

    NGD : SemiHollow Edition

    Here it is hanging out with my Jaguar (possibly going to sell the Jag due to the tone the PRS can cover)