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    Modern Eagle V vs Studio

    The Studio has eluded me until the past couple weeks. Never really paid attention to any of the reviews. Now I am wanting to buy one. I see a lot of Moderns but not very many Studios. Seen a video of a Gold Top and now looking for one.
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    PRS Studio 22 Gold Top

    Sold a couple guitars and looking to pick up a PRS Studio 22? Just seen a video on a gold top model. Anybody seen one in-stock?
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    Swamp Ash Special Saddle Replacement

    I have a 2007 Swamp Ash Special in need of a saddle replacement. They have pitted pretty badly and the low E is breaking on occasion. Just wondering best stock or recommendations on replacement saddles or replace entire bridge? The guitar is mostly stock except I had a refret done with...
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Picked up a DGT today but have not received yet. I have been browsing the forum and have not been on in a while. I had posted early on this feed back in 2019. Picked up an original Tungsten (missed the hard case group by a few numbers). Mine had the static problem and I ran a piece of copper...
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    CE 24 Blemish

    Dents and Knicks drive me crazy. I actually have some Suhr relics that I feel better at using, just because I can't see the dings. My CE 24 has a few dings after my son took to college for a semester. Is the Tech Center doing blemish repair as usual? I had some modifications I wanted done to...
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    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    I have a 2016 CE 24 that I swapped in a pair of Lambertone Cremas. Looking to change up again. I took out the coil tap on the tone and just wired straight up with tone coil tap. Thinking about going with a pair of Lollar imperials. The whole reason I took out the 85/15 because the coil tap...
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    2016 CE24 Pickup Rings

    Swapping out some pickups in a 2016 CE24 wanted to go to covered style. Looking like a need to get another set of rings to modify the corners for a covered pickup. Any place to by PRS pickup rings for covered pickups? Are they same as a Gibson covered pickup?
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Noticed over this past weekend the gold has already wore off the volume knob. I do play the Silver Sky a lot, but I play my Suhr Strat more and that knob color is not coming off the #s. Anybody else seen this?
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I did pull the pickguard off last week to check for a grounding wire off or something. Nothing looks wrong. I have several Suhr, a couple more PRS, the Silver Sky is the only one popping when I touch the middle pickup, bottom height adjustment screw. I am planning to send it in after Christmas.
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Searching through this thread, did not see what to be done with the static issue or what exactly this is? When center pickup is active, 2-4 position, if I touch the bottom pickup height screw it pops like a ground. Does not do this when I touch the top screw, does not doe this on any of the...