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  1. CardMeHD

    Hey You - Shut Up! The New CE ROCKS!

    Am I the only one that gets seriously creeped out when people anthropomorphize inanimate objects? That said, it's a really nice looking guitar. I'm really interested if they come out with a CE22, because that's something I think I would jump all over, if for nothing else but to get the neck finish.
  2. CardMeHD


    This is definitely going to be my next guitar. The Chapman video made it sound amazing, as did the PRS promo video. As an aside, I noticed that the truss rod cover doesn't have the PRS logo on it, while you're older SE Cu22 does. The 277 in the Chapman video had it, and I've noticed recently...
  3. CardMeHD

    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Generally, yes. The PRS SE 277 comes with 14-64s standard, I think.
  4. CardMeHD

    Mark Tremonti on his new PRS concept and baritone hybrid (TotalGuitar vid)

    Really like the baritone. I think the Firebird is fine except the horns. Particularly the top one makes it look off to me. But I'm a bit of a traditionalist.
  5. CardMeHD

    SE 7 String vs SE Baritone Soapbar vs SE Baritone Solidbody?

    Well, not to make this more difficult for you, but I just heard the 277 Soapbar in the Chapman video, and it sounds amazing. I can see why you'd want one - I think I may actually get one. Now, that said, I have almost a dozen guitars, including a 7 string. So, I'm in a bit of a different...
  6. CardMeHD

    PRS USA CE24 & Baritone SE Guitars - New for 2016!!

    I have to agree with a lot of people here - I was shocked at how much I loved the sound of the 277 baritone. I found the concept interesting, and I was considering the solid body version. But holy cow, that soap bar sounded amazing. Might have to pick one up. The CE24 is interesting as a way...
  7. CardMeHD

    SE 7 String vs SE Baritone Soapbar vs SE Baritone Solidbody?

    I think you have it kind of backward. You won't really be able to do standard tunings on a baritone guitar. It has 6 strings, but they're all tuned a full 2.5 steps lower. You're not going to be able to tune up a baritone to concert tuning. On the other hand, a 7 string already has standard...
  8. CardMeHD

    About Those Northern Lights...

    Ah, my original home. Go Cards. The worst is being forced to live in Indiana after living in Louisville. It's like going back in time.
  9. CardMeHD

    Pauls personal modern eagle available on ebay

    I'm super tempted, but that's the price of a car...
  10. CardMeHD

    Just Maintainin'!

    Wait, you hate blue guitars? My NGD must have been hell for you. Honestly, I generally don't like blue, either. I'm much more of a red guy. My PRSs are actually the only two blue guitars I own. But I actually think that's why I was drawn to the blue Core - it was something different that I...
  11. CardMeHD

    And while I'll have guitars on the bench.....

    It's a 3 way switch, but it's the blade type that PRS started using on the SEs in 2012. This is the switch that I have: Thanks for the tip, I'll open it up and check it out again. I think you may be...
  12. CardMeHD

    Uhh... Is The CE Back For 2016?

    I saw Phil McKnight mention this in his year end video. Didn't post it here because I didn't know how Kosher that would be. I'm guessing this wasn't supposed to be announced until NAMM, but it's been leaked.
  13. CardMeHD

    And while I'll have guitars on the bench.....

    I got linked to this thread when asking about another issue that I have on my brand new SE 7 string. I don't think it's the same issue that you guys are talking about, but maybe you can help as well. My switch has no problem staying in the neck position, but the pickup sometimes cuts out. It's...
  14. CardMeHD

    NGD x2

    Thanks for the tip. Happy New Year to you as well.
  15. CardMeHD

    NGD x2

    Thanks. MSL had it listed as a "downgraded private stock," saying that it was a piece of private stock wood that wasn't used, so they released it to be used on Wood Library models. When I chatted with Max at MSL, he indicated that it was "better than a 10 top," but it wasn't technically...
  16. CardMeHD

    NGD x2

    Well, it's finally here. My first (and second) PRS. First, the pictures. You can see the full gallery here: Now, the backstory. I've had tremendous GAS lately, and even bought a couple of guitars within the last 6 months, but they were lower end...
  17. CardMeHD

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden - is the black solid maple top?

    Well, even today, Les Paul necks are kind of all over the place. But yeah, it probably would've been better to refer to the reissue profiles.
  18. CardMeHD

    Neck binding poll

    I like binding on a cheaper guitar, mostly because you have less chance of fret sprout and exposed/sharp fret ends from the factory. Neither of my two expensive guitars (Japanese ESP and the PRS) have neck binding, though the ESP does have a nice looking body binding.
  19. CardMeHD

    PRS SE Bernie Marsden - is the black solid maple top?

    The 59 profile is a thick neck, for sure, but the 58 is the real baseball bat. I think that was the thickest Les Pauls ever got; they started thinning in 59 and of course got much thinner in the 60s.
  20. CardMeHD

    Introduce yourself!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I actually don't own a PRS yet, something that will be changing tomorrow, when I take delivery of two new guitars. I went looking for a PRS 30th Anniversary to be my "flagship" guitar for the foreseeable future. I ended up finding a non-30th Custom 24 Wood...