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    Got back in the gym during quarantine

    I'm very glad I spent the time and money building a home gym years back. I have a platform, a bar, a rack, all the plates I need and haven't had to worry about gym closures
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    MT15 head and cab popping sound

    Regular intervals or random? Low frequency? Hissing or rustling leaves with it? Popping can be a hundred things. You can try some simple stuff like rocking tubes, using some contact cleaner on the pins/sockets etc. Don't take this the wrong way, but from your question I gather you aren't...
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    The best concert experience you've ever had?

    The most profound for me was seeing Sunn O))) live in 2016 It was a very sharp correction to the way I perceive and listen to music. I will remember that gig until the day I die
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    Regarding string change

    Leave it a week or so so it settles and then check your neck relief. I don't imagine you will need to adjust much of anything
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    Sticky 2019 CU24 poly neck ?

    yeah man wax it. Try and find a good quality plain wax, nothing with chemicals in it. I used to use gun wax on my necks
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    CE24 neck/joint

    I'd say not to worry about it tbh. Unless you've dropped the guitar recently on the headstock or something and you see pocket cracks or something. The bolt-ons are high stress joins so I guess it makes sense to hear a creak or two when you disturb the guitar after a period sitting in its case
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    Early Goldtop CE

    Grain in the neck looks superb, you could use that as a weapon
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    Why do people complain about the pickups on PRS S2?

    You can probably coax some high end out by playing with the pole pieces too
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    Why do people complain about the pickups on PRS S2?

    I changed pickups in my S2 starla a while ago... nothing wrong with them I just didn't like the specific voicing. They were very gretschy/TV Jonesish and I had been chasing a real old school PAF tone for a while, and this slab mahogany guitar was the perfect subject. I find generally there is...
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    CE24 new pickups

    If you can't find the colour codes from the pickup maker, email them and ask. It will help once you've identified the correct wires to re-draw the PRS diagram but with the correct coding so you don't get confused again. I ran into that trouble halfway through a job once
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    My best combination of Guitar and amp

    I used a Jensen mod for a while, they're super cheap but nice speakers. Very neutral, the lows are low, the highs are high, you can dial all the mids in from your amp that you want. They're like a blank canvas and they seem to be made very well. I wish Jensen would branch into British voiced...
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    My tone was off....this is what it was

    That looks like a HRD? If you never use that switch you could probably disconnect it. I am pretty sure they are linked to relays on the board, you could have a tech take it out or cut the switch out. Reversible and you'll never bump it again
  13. J

    Is there a fix yet for the MT15 noise/hum?

    waste of time, IME hum comes from the circuit not the tubes. Tubes might have a little noise, hiss, pops and farts or be microphonic but you aren't going to fix hum in a modern circuit board amp by rolling nos tubes
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    Really WEIRD reverb issue

    tube amps can be sensitive to emi, phones, lights, mains noise, etc. It may not necessarily be a problem anywhere on the amplifier, not in the reverb or with any tubes, it's just picking up noise from somewhere that is exacerbated when you put the back on. Can you post a photo of the back...
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    The definition of "vintage"

    I consider "vintage" in the context of guitars and guitar gear generally to mean pre-1980. People use the term vintage in regards to PRS and I find it a little strange, but I guess it's more a reference to the history of the company, not that I agree with it.
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    Ordered a Silver Sky (Vox AC15?)

    FWIW I haven't played a combo in my life where tube rattle didn't occur... a lot of tubes, including old NOS makes that people froth over have mechanical rattles and there's not much you can do aside from trying to find individual valves that don't do it. EL84s seem to do it a lot, I have two...
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    Adding Dragon II and push/pull pots to se 245

    not sure you would hear much difference tbh... but they're cheap parts so try it and see
  18. J

    Adding Dragon II and push/pull pots to se 245

    From PRS website If you want to wire up the coil taps the way PRS does you need to add resistors as per diagrams
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    Ordered a Silver Sky (Vox AC15?)

    I was briefly looking into those little Fenders. Princeton fans seem to hate on the 68 because it doesn't sound like a princeton, but it seemed to really nail the breakup Fender tone I was after at the time which wasn't particularly a silverface one. Just a "fendery" breakup and that did it...
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    Inexpensive looper pedal

    I use a Boss RC-1.... they're pretty cheap, they're built like a brick and they're pretty foolproof