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    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    My Favorite Amps are (Louis Electric Gattone) my current Amp Top Hat King Royale 1960's Thomas Organ Vox Buckingham Head and 2x12 cab
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    Pickup Change

    Is it possible to replace the HFS & Vintage Bass with the Pickups that came on a 1988 Custom 24. The Standard Bass and Treble pickups. I'm looking at a used 1992 Custom 24. Are those Pickups from the 80's still being made?
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    What are you doing to stay in shape?

    I go the the gym 4 day's a week and on the other day's I teach Martial Arts. Next year will be my 50th year in the Martial Arts.
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    ‘88 Custom 24 Tone/Switching Control Options

    To this day I wish that I kept my 1988 Custom 24.
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    Louis Electric Gattone

    Does anyone here play there PRS thru a Louis Electric Amp I play thru the Gattone.
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    1992 Custom 24

    Alnus Rubra I did what you said I put 3 pictures in what's the code?
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    1992 Custom 24

    It turns out I don't know how to use Postimage or Imgur.
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    Finally got some proper pics of my '95 Custom 24 10-top!!!!

    Cool looking guitar how do you post pictures?
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    1992 Custom 24

    Thanks I have never posted pictures here I'll get some help doing that on the older ones like from 92 which do you like better the Sweet Switch or the Tone Control? For string 9's or 10's? What Amp do you find that really matches good with your PRS guitar?
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    1992 Custom 24

    Today I bought a 1992 Custom 24 in Vintage Sunburst with a Quilt Maple 10 Top. It has a Wide Thin Neck my favorite. Also has a Flamed Mahogany neck and I'm having the Tone Control taken out and having a Sweet Switch put in. I will gt the guitar next week and I needed a Amp to go with the guitar...
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    How a "Sweet Switch" really works

    Since my Custom 22 has the Dragon Pickups how will the Sweet Switch effect the sound of the pickups?
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    Sweet Switch

    Guys thanks for your reply the guitar play's great and I just don't like the 3 way switch and the push pull on the tone control. To me a PRS has a 5 way Rotary and a Sweet Switch. If I want a Blade in my guitar I would have gone with another style guitar. It also had to do with the Amp that I...
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    Sweet Switch

    Since I will be going to the 5 way Rotary and Sweet Switch what does the Sweet Switch do? Also has anyone on here gone from the 3 way switch and the push pull on the Tone control to the 5 way Rotary and Sweet Switch?
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    1995 PRS Custom 22 NGD

    I tried to post pictures but I'm not good at it I mess it up every time I try. I did find someone local that can put the 5 way Rotary and Sweet Switch in the guitar. If I can send the picture to one of you guys then is it possible for you to post the picture for me?
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    1995 PRS Custom 22 NGD

    i emailed PRS Customer service and asked them if the setup with the 3 way switch was done at the factory when the guitar was built or was it by them or the person who bought the guitar.
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    The PRS Electric Guitar Book - Thoughts?

    Can the new book be bought at Barnes & Noble?
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    5 Way Rotary and Sweet Switch

    I did find a 5 way Rotary and sweet switch the person who I got the guitar from has them. There was local music store that was going out of business and this guy bought the remaining stock. I don't know why the person put in a 3 way switch and a push pull on the Tone control. The 5 way Rotary...
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    The PRS Electric Guitar Book - Thoughts?

    I'm going to get the new book it's on my list.
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    2017 Catalog Online

    Sean will there also be a Catalog that I could get in the music stores?