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  1. JJDon

    PRS SC250 Singlecut pickups!?

    I play hard rock/metal too. I had the Aldrich set in my 594 Singlecut. They were pretty good and were better than the Duncan JB/59 set I had in it previously. I've since replaced them with Bareknuckle Holy Diver (bridge) and Cold Sweat (Neck) and its a huge improvement. The Aldrich set was...
  2. JJDon

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    Thanks! And I'd also reach out to PRS as well. I think I reached out to either PRS or Suhr and asked them about their wiring schemes. I've actually been on the fence about replacing the Aldrich pair in my Singlecut recently. I like them, but I also have Bareknuckles in some of my other guitars...
  3. JJDon

    Custom 24 Floyd- opinions?

    FYI, PRS doesn't equip their newer custom 24 Floyd's with the satin maple necks anymore. Some have them, but most don't, so you'd need to find an older one If you want that. I'm also actually looking to buy a Custom 24 floyd soon and finding out about the satin maple necks was a bummer. I have...
  4. JJDon

    Replacing 85/15s with HFS/VB in a Custom 24

    I have two Custom 24s that both have 85/15s. One has the newer 85/15 TCIs and I plan to keep those in. The other Custom 24 is an older, 2015 30th Anniversary model and I feel like changing the pickups up for some variety and because the 85/15s don't have a ton of clarity or output regarding...
  5. JJDon

    McCarty Vintage vs Locking Tuners

    I have them on one 594 and the locking tuners on another 594, and it doesn't make a difference to me in terms of tuning. The locking are probably a little bit more stable, but I prefer the look of the vintage tuners over the metal look of the locking ones.
  6. JJDon

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    Thanks, and I'd definitely try them if you get the chance. I have the Suhr SSH+ in the bridge of a Suhr Classic S along with the Thornbucker in the neck and the Aldrich supposedly is a 10% overwound SSH+. It maybe due to become a bolt on with a maple neck vs a heavy setneck like my 594, but I...
  7. JJDon

    Suhr Aldrich Pickups in Singlecuts

    These pickups (both the bridge and neck) are monsters! I just replaced the JB and 59 in the McCarty SC594 and it was a big improvement in terms of clarity and cleans. To me, it sounds just like a very clear JB with a little less output, or a PAF on steroids. I saw videos beforehand on YouTube...
  8. JJDon

    US Core Strap Buttons

    The problem with the PRS strap buttons is that they can't fit both a strap, even a really thin one, and those rubber or felt washers because the necks of the buttons are so low profile. And if you have one of those auto-lock strap locks, the heads of the buttons are so large, they don't fit...
  9. JJDon

    CE24 Wiring Question

    So that would basically be how they are in the picture already?
  10. JJDon

    CE24 Wiring Question

    I'm trying to reinstall the stock 85/15 TCIs in my 2020 CE24. The current pickups in there right now are a JB (Bridge) and 59 (Neck). I have the wiring schematics from the PRS website (below). I see where they list on the schematics below that the neck/bridge "hot" (Black) pickup wires connect...
  11. JJDon

    Is the Ted is a true LP killer?

    This. They're really going to be different guitars based on how you play and what sound you're going for unless you put the same pickups in all of them. I have both the SC594 and DC594 along with a Les Paul Traditional. I don't play the LP that much as I prefer the 594s, but it really has more...
  12. JJDon

    Anyone Ever Try 85/15s in a McCarty 594?

    I have a pair of 85/15s from another PRS I have and was considering putting the 85/15 bridge into my SC594. Anyone ever tried it out before or have a video of one to gauge how it sounds? The 85/15 is my favorite PRS pickup, but I'm guessing it would sound a little different compared to a Custom...
  13. JJDon

    Core CE24 vs newer CE24... what say you?

    I've never played the original CEs, but I have a newer CE24 and 2 Custom 24s. I am actually planning to sell my CE24 soon to fund another PRS, but its not because it sucks or anything. Its as close to a USA Custom 24 as you'll get. The newer CE24s are basically a Custom 24, except for the...
  14. JJDon

    Seymour Duncan JB vs. Bare Knuckle Holy Diver Comparison Video using my McCarty 594s

    No prob and thanks for the response. I've heard the JB depends a lot on what guitar you put it in. I think I should have played more complex chords under distortion to illustrate how much clearer the Holy Diver is. I still like the JB for what it is though. Downtuned, I'd take the Holy Diver...
  15. JJDon

    Seymour Duncan JB vs. Bare Knuckle Holy Diver Comparison Video using my McCarty 594s

    A little comparison video I decided to do between the JB and Holy Diver using some 80s riffs as examples. My SC594 has the uncovered JB while the DC594 has the covered Holy Diver. The Holy Diver is Bare Knuckle's take on a JB/80s hot-rodded pickup. I was curious as to how both compared because I...
  16. JJDon

    Going to be Playing the National Anthem on my PRS at an Event

    Going to be playing the national anthem at a small event with my PRS and was looking for feedback. I originally did it in E Major, but changed it around to A Major and ditched the wah and went with my McCarty SC594. Let me know your thoughts. I also think the 594 looks cooler than the Custom 24...
  17. JJDon

    PRS Still Make the USA Custom 24 Floyd?

    I was considering that, but I'm not too hot on the pickups from the clips I've heard and the neck profile isn't like the Custom 24 from the ones I've tried. I may go give one another try though.
  18. JJDon

    PRS Still Make the USA Custom 24 Floyd?

    I have 5 PRS (2 594s, 2 Custom 24s, and 1 CE24). I'm thinking of downsizing by selling one of the Custom 24s and the CE24 to get a Plain Black USA Custom 24 with Floyd since I like messing with the floyd a lot for 80s rock/metal. I noticed though that on Sweetwater they just seem to require...
  19. JJDon

    Bare Knuckle Pickups for McCarty 594?

    This is a great comparison. I had basically settled on the Holy Diver for the bridge and Cold Sweat for the neck before this video, but that basically sealed the deal for me. I was in-between the Cold Sweats and VHIIs for the neck, but I think the CS will pair better with the Holy Diver. Also...
  20. JJDon

    Wish: More Solid Color Tops

    Was watching a video with Fredrick Akesson of Opeth and wish they would release more solid color tops like this with maple necks. If they did, I'd buy one in an instant. upload image