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    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I just bought a new 594 a few weeks ago. 2020 serial #, but made in 1/21. Phase III tuners and the new Les Paul style saddles.
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    Do PRS factory setups feel stiff to you?

    I'm relatively new to PRS, but not to guitars or setups. Within the last 3 years I've acquired a Custom 24, Silver Sky, and last week a McCarty 594. Out of the box the Custom 24 was easy play and bends were effortless. I attribute this to the floating tremolo. However, while the Silver Sky and...
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Mine came with the truss rod wrench and allen keys.
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    Bends w/ a Silver Sky

    11s? I'm going to 13s. Go big or go home! ;)
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    Bends w/ a Silver Sky

    After experimenting with the setup for a couple of days I was able to take some of the stiffness out. I noticed the 3rd and 4th strings were binding in the nut. I was adjusting and retuning enough that this eventually worked itself out on its own. I lowered the saddles 1/4 turn, and backed the...
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    Bends w/ a Silver Sky

    I wanted to get some feedback from owners of Silver Skys. Is anyone finding bends a little stiff with this guitar? I find that bending on the first 3 strings around 12 and up make you work for it. I own a core 24 which has 10s and a floating trem, and I have a Stratocaster with a decked trem...
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    When will my guitar arrive?

    That's a beautiful instrument. It seems to take forever to get a PRS. I'm starting to wonder if they're growing the trees too.
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I ordered a Silver Sky in mid August, and can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm curious if anyone has any insight regarding the backlog, and if I can expect to receive it anytime soon?