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    NGD - SE 245 Quilt Limited - Dark Cherry Sunburst

    That’s a lovely looking guitar!
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    NDG! Another 35th Anniversary

    Congratulations! Awesome color!
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    NGD: Paul's Guitar Orange Tiger

    Wow! That’s a lovely looking guitar!
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    594 Wood Library Hollow Body

    Congratulations! That’s a super looking guitar!
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    NGD - This new addition just landed

    That is very lovely! Congratulations!
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    Feeling Faded (NGD!)

    Wow! Beautiful! Congratulations!
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    NGD x2 Finally got my McCarty

    Nice collection! Congratulations!
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    Any "must check out" PRS dealers in the Los Angeles / Burbank area?

    The last time I went to Wild West Guitars they had a very nice selection of PRS guitars. That was when I still lived in Pasadena two years ago. They are a friendly group of people too.
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    Anyone going to the PRS event at Pitbull Audio in San Diego?

    Darn that happened to me two years ago. Was visiting family and found out an event was going to happen right after I left. I super disappointed . This will be the first PRS event I will attend.
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    Anyone going to the PRS event at Pitbull Audio in San Diego?

    Maybe I will take pictures of my guitars and bring them with the covers. It might be easier than lugging two instruments and a toddler. Also be easier and quicker for an escape if my kid needs to leave (hopefully not she likes music and guitars).
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    Anyone going to the PRS event at Pitbull Audio in San Diego?

    Excellent idea! Thank you!
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    Anyone going to the PRS event at Pitbull Audio in San Diego?

    Just wondering if there was anyone else in San Diego area planning to go this particular event. It’s Thursday evening. I plan on taking my husband and kid. Should I bring my guitars to get signed by Paul?
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    Prs special semi-hollow limited (core super eagle?)

    Brett from Eddie’s posted pictures of wood library selections for three out of four different wood library batches back in July...around July 20, 21, and 25 of 2018. They just started receiving their guitars for the batch posted from July 20, 2018. Hopefully that means that your individual...
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    Incoming NGD

    Nice looking guitar! Congratulations!
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    GDN : Private stock special semi-hollow

    Nice! Congratulations!
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    The Stars Have Aligned

    Beautiful! Congratulations!
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    In coming NGD!!!!! PRS Special 22

    Congratulations, and nice find!
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    Going to DIGF 2019?

    That sounds interesting. Wished I still lived close to Texas.
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    NGD (Sunday)

    Nice! Congratulations!
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    Mmm Hmm...

    I just burst out laughing. Scared the cat who was sleeping on me, and woke my baby. Lol