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  1. andy474x

    MT 100

    I’d say it will almost certainly be made overseas. $2K ain’t what it used to be when USA Archons were going for that much. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’d like a USA version, too. But there’s too much going on here to do it for under $2K in a USA build.
  2. andy474x

    MT 100

    I don’t mind the look, they could’ve done something a little more interesting with it, but it’s cool for an industrial vibe (IMO, of course). Maybe put the red stripes behind the PRS logo, or swap the PRS and MT logos, I also liked how they put the MT15 logos right on the faceplate. But I like...
  3. andy474x

    594 bridge collapsing

    I can’t remember if I had posted about it here or not, but I noticed this on my ‘19 bridge recently, too. I was also noticing that the open string sustain was, not bad, but maybe not as good as it should be for a guitar of such quality, and the low strings were warm sounding and not as...
  4. andy474x

    40th Anni Wish List

    I very much enjoy the multi tap 58/15’s in my SSH, so anything with those or a similar 408-inspired pickup is on my list. USA pickups on S2’s would be cool, too - I was bummed that the 35th S2 24-08’s didn’t come with at least the import TCI pickups from the Paul’s SE (for the true single...
  5. andy474x

    help: PRS Custom 24-08 SE

    If my translation came through correctly, you have some settings where your switches don’t seem to be doing anything? Can you give some specifics?
  6. andy474x

    PRS In Church?

    A song in Eb… we’ll be praying for you. Always hated it when those oddball, guitar-unfriendly keys popped up in a mostly guitar worship set. One of the hardest things about playing in worship was keys like that where everything is a barre, or you have to capo and totally transcribe to a very...
  7. andy474x

    Silver Sky Low E String Intonation Problems

    Also, what gauge strings? Light strings might cause oddball interfering order vibrations (if that’s even a term for such things) because their lack of tension allows them to behave that way.
  8. andy474x

    PRS MT15 and TC Electronics G System

    The G System shouldn’t have any effect on the channel switching, LED color or otherwise, if the signal is just being run through the G System from the fx loop. Either I’m misunderstanding your problem or there is indeed something very strange going on. How does it behave using the G system in...
  9. andy474x

    Wow...what a line up!

  10. andy474x

    is it me or did disney ruin marvel movies?

    Taking the fam to WDW next week. The experience of going there is much stronger/better for me than most of the movies they’ve put out in the past few years. I can’t believe the cash flow hasn’t been wrung out of the Marvel franchise, although I suppose it’s on consumers, too, for accepting it...
  11. andy474x

    58/15 S vs. 58/15 LT is there much of a difference?

    I thought they were fair in my S2, but the LT’s were an improvement in clarity, especially on the neck pickup. That said, I wouldn’t be in a rush to change the S pickups out if you like them. Not a night and day difference unless you feel like the S pickups are muddy.
  12. andy474x

    Dang! HDRX 20 news....

    I’m pushing mine hard with a reactive load frequently, no problems here. Like you said, could very well be just a fluke. Nice that they’re looking at it though, they do make revisions to the amps periodically.
  13. andy474x

    Poly on side of fretboard chipping S2

    I’d send that for a warranty repair if you’re the original owner, but I seem to remember you talking about buying that guitar used. It happened on my ‘14 S2 as well, although not to that degree. Anything that flakes off, I use some fine sandpaper to smooth if there’s an edge that catches...
  14. andy474x

    About to add a Stripped 58 to the collection

    What a beauty!!!
  15. andy474x

    NGD - McCarty 594

    GREAT score!!!
  16. andy474x

    The Tale of the DIY Amp Rack

    Dude, you have a sickness… and I love it! I submit my petition to call this “the tone tower.”
  17. andy474x

    About to add a Stripped 58 to the collection

    They’re older - the tale I’m told is that they were a very early production or maybe even late stage prototype set. The guy I got them from said he had gotten them from a good friend of Paul’s who was testing them. No way of verifying, but he told me that after we’d already sealed the deal, so...
  18. andy474x

    About to add a Stripped 58 to the collection

    I’ve played some fairly heavy stuff on a 57/08 loaded singlecut and really liked the way it sounded. With the amount of gain that amps have these days, not to mention the plentiful options for boost pedals, I think you’ll be able to get where you want to go. Unless you just want the output to...
  19. andy474x

    Tonepros locking studs s2 mira

    I bet the posts are the same ones that they use with the AVT2M bridge that Tonepros makes. I have an SE Akesson that uses the TP locking studs and bridge, if memory serves the posts are narrower and likewise the slots in the bridge are narrower. I’d have to check at home later to be sure...
  20. andy474x

    NGD and Review: The Fabulous SE 594

    Man, those are some great guitars! And a good NGD to boot! I tried an SE 594 a couple weeks ago and was very impressed.