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    Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    Happy birthday Shawn! Best wishes to you, and have a blast! :beer:
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    Help me decide! (Singlecut Content Approaching)

    Since you're coming from a Tremonti, I'd suggest you get the SC 20th or the green one-piece-top one (I'm a sucker for one-piece-tops :laugh:). Those 2 are probably the closest to the Tremonti. The #7 pickups will work well for stuff ranging from classic low gain to modern high gain tones. But...
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    C Standard tuning with PRS Custom 24

    I can do D Standard on my SE Custom with 10-46s, but the slinkiness might not be what others might like... So maybe if you get it set up with 10-52s you'll be good for D standard, and 11-54 or heavier for C Standard.
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    SD Custom or Custom 5 in an SE Custom? (Possible NPUD)

    Hey guys, so I went with the Custom 5, I really could not let go of the deal just like that. :laugh: Well, for most of the part, it nailed the tone that's in my head. It's got one of the nicest crunch I've ever heard on med-high gain. Certainly has that powerful Les Paul tone going on. I'd say...
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    SD Custom or Custom 5 in an SE Custom? (Possible NPUD)

    Sorry, I missed out on your post, just realised we posted around the same time yesterday. Buying used is a good option too, but I can't find any used (or even new) HFS pickups in my country. :/ Plus, ordering them from the dealer is extremely expensive here. We have a moderately weak currency...
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    SD Custom or Custom 5 in an SE Custom? (Possible NPUD)

    Sounds like both choices are equally promising. That means I'm still stuck at square one.... :biggrin: JB sounds cool, but I'm looking for something more "HFS", if that makes any sense... I can roll with a JB if I wanted. But the thing is, the other guitarist in the band already has a JB in...
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    I use to play with the rounded part too. But after I switched to smaller picks like the Tortex Jazz, I've been using the pointy end ever since. I'm now settled on the Ibanez Paul Gilbert picks. I love the size of it. It's smaller than the standard size, but bigger than the Jazz. I also love the...
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    SD Custom or Custom 5 in an SE Custom? (Possible NPUD)

    Hey guys, so I've been away for a bit. Life's amazing and I joined a new band recently. I've decided to adopt a new "voice" for my SE Custom 24, which is to go back to what it sounds like originally and take it on from there. I'm putting in a new bridge pickup (and the stock SE VB goes back in...
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    SE Custom 24 vs Epi Les Paul - note bloom...

    Stock pickups (the Alnico Classics) are the major problem why Epi LPs don't sound LP enough. They are fat and moderately hot and quite frankly, musical, but there's simply no clarity at all, not even the bridge pickup cuts it. Even the cheapo Vintage LP-copies have better (and IMO more...
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    Who said Prs guitars can't do drop tuning...metal core...oh ya!

    I remember Opeth did drop tunings on PRSes on the Blackwater Park album, and so do the guitarist of As I Lay Dying. At some point in the past, Jim Root of Slipknot played a PRS too. And recently, Clint Lowery also did a signature model designed for like, Drop B/A tuning? Not to mention, Alter...
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    Moon inlays

    No one here had mentioned it yet, but I think the DGTs still come with moon inlays, with birds available as an option. You can try looking around for a used one, they're pretty sweet guitars and lots of people swear by the DGT pickups. For used guitars, there's also the more affordable Core line...
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    The Quintessential PRS Pup

    I mean, all PRS made pickups serve different purposes and I'd say all PRS's pickups give that signature tone unique to that very model only. If I were to pick, the pickups that brings the most "PRS" feel IMO is the HFS/VB combo, it's the hot but very articulate tone, or what some people refer...
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    PRS Floyd SE vs USA Custom Shoot Out

    The USA C24 Floyd probably had new strings that were not stretched enough. Rob had stated that Aziz and him played the SE a great deal (and probably stretched and tuned) prior to filming the vid while the USA C24 was played right out of the box. The Line 6 tones were awful IMO, I've heard far...
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    PRS CU with 3 humbuckers? Why not!

    It's like a LP Custom Black Beauty, why have 2 pickups when you can have 3? Haha... But anyway, I'm digging the three 'buckers idea. Have always liked the older Zach Myers model, too bad it's retired from the catalogue now. :dontknow:
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    Better Late Than Never NGD ~ Bernie Content

    Saw the title and hoped that it'd be the black one. But that sweet flame... Nice score there! :beer:
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    Guitar Instrument Cables - what do you all perfer?

    I've always lived on free cables that music shops throw in for me when I make a guitar purchase. That is, until they start giving me connection problems. The first real cable I bought was a Dimarzio Gold Metallic cable, I have since given it to my brother because his Tele needed a straight jack...
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    SE 245 Pickup Swap

    The short legs will work with any guitar, I guess. When I got my Dimarzios, I got short-legged ones and they fit without any problem. You'd have to go with F-spacing in the bridge, and normal spacing in the neck. Covered vs uncovered will be down to personal choice. If you like the very slightly...
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    Dave Navarro SE Black for sale?

    The old ones are just as good as the new ones, except you get the coil split and the bevelled top! Maybe the newer nuts are made of slightly better material, but that's just a small matter, and just my guess. The overall quality of PRS is pretty consistent, even in the SE lines over the years...
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    How to get a cu24 with Brent mason electrics?

    On ozboy's questions: a. bolt-ons have more snap to their tone and generally sounds brighter, which is a tone more typically associated with Fenders. Set-necks will give a warmer tone and like others have said, they sound more "solid", which is simply how Gibsons sound like. I find that...
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    Anybody modifying their PRS's? Here's one for you.

    You, sir, are a serious modder! I personally wouldn't take a knife to my own guitars, but you've done a pretty great job creating your own one-of-a-kind SE. Looks pretty cool with the middle single coil. Now you make me wonder how your CU22 looks like as of today. :confused: