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  1. Rockmark

    Pending NGD - UPDATE IT'S HERE!!!! With new pics

    Beautiful Wood!!!! Congrats.
  2. Rockmark

    Car and truck lovers unite.

    Good choice Steve, you will love this car. Congrats. I've had mine 2 years now, no issues. However couldn't bring myself to part w my C7 Z06 so have them both. Two totally different vehicles, both great.
  3. Rockmark

    Sad news to share. RIP Boogie

    Oh no!! Sorry to hear about this. Condolences to his family and close friends,
  4. Rockmark

    Ah, the old “mint” except for….. ad.

    It's funny, I was thinking about this exact topic the other day. Only takes a second to see the "mint" tarnished hardware and corroded tuners with buttons that have permanent fingerprints etched in. It really is buyer beware and be educated out there. I've been lucky but probably 95% of my...
  5. Rockmark

    PRS's Big at CNN July 4th Special

    Hitting all the mainstream now! So far the first 3 acts have all been using PRS'. Pit Bull, Avril Lavigne and Ava Max. Probably more to come w Doobies ( Tommy Johnson) and maybe Schon. Anyway thought it great that these biggies all have given the nod to PRS as demonstrated here.
  6. Rockmark

    Private Stock Friday

    That Buckeye!!!!!!
  7. Rockmark

    Opinions Please... Private Stock order inlays

    Further out of the box even yet, no birds, Rosewood Tree of Life inlay. I've seen them do this or close on some PS already. Check out the '96 Rosewood Ltd. inlay. Can anyone here display some etched examples of birds. Gold, silver, ab,,, whatever, just for display.
  8. Rockmark

    Opinions Please... Private Stock order inlays

    For some other choice and you said more bling. Silver etched birds tastefully enhances any board and PRS. Really going outside the box, how about gold hardware and slugs and 14k etched gold birds. Now w your blue you would have something very special.
  9. Rockmark

    A True, 100% Classic: The Custom 24

    Les, we're so much alike. My first PRS was a CU24 in 1993 and I still have it. Since then I've amassed more than I have room for and kept just about all. That's because they each have something special that I just don't want to part with. Gotta love what Paul has come up with!!!
  10. Rockmark

    Does Time Change Tone???

    I've recently been pulling out some of my guitars (PRS) for basic string changes etc. that are now 15-25 years old. That's since I got them new. I've now gone through about 8 in the past week. I could swear they all are sounding better than I remember. So I started thinking about old wood...
  11. Rockmark

    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    Like Sergio said, we only live once. that's why you bought it. When I play out of the house my main player is an ME1. Granted not 20K but not cheap either. I've had my PS Buckeye out numerous time and it is in the realm of yours. Just always have it in my grip or vision. Never left in car alone...
  12. Rockmark

    Finish defect on Silver Sky ?

    I guess anything can happen. I bought a SS from a dealer, frost. Under the clear coat was a piece of hair embedded. It just bugged me for some reason and the store replaced the guitar.
  13. Rockmark

    Indie Film I Scored Won Another Award.

    Most excellent Les!
  14. Rockmark

    Nice Article About My Work.

    This is so nice to see and read Les. I'd love to be involved in projects like you have dialed in. Great going Les you should be very proud!
  15. Rockmark

    Preview Of Coming Attractions

    Les, congrats on that wonderful and beautiful instrument!
  16. Rockmark

    25th Anniversary Dragons...mean 2x the FUN!

    Two beauties there!!!
  17. Rockmark

    Joe Walsh Ltds. fly off shelves fast.

    One of the $7995 flips just reduced to $6995. Seems much more reasonable and the market for these will adjust accordingly.I bet it is picked up fairly soon at this cost.
  18. Rockmark

    NGD : I Prayed and I got it.

    A beauty. Lucky score for you. I like mine a lot and sure you will enjoy too. Congrats. What country are you in Fect?
  19. Rockmark

    Joe Walsh Ltds. fly off shelves fast.

    Another just came up on reverb. Near 8K as well. Guess people feel they're no good and are getting out quickly. (sarcastic response to some comments on here) Actually they will probably sell. Supply and demand issue for a great guitar to own.
  20. Rockmark

    Joe Walsh Ltds. fly off shelves fast.

    Another just popped up on reverb. A flip at nearly 8K. Interesting to see if it goes! Would be at tidy profit of 1500.