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    This morning I had to complete 2 different captchas, that's just too much nonsense for me to deal with. If anyone wants to reach me I'll be active on The Gear Page.
  2. Serious Poo

    The official "BAN CAPTCHA NOW" thread!

  3. Serious Poo

    The official "BAN CAPTCHA NOW" thread!

    This captcha is the wrong solution to a problem. Way too much end-user impact for the risk it's trying to address. I'm pretty much done with visiting here.
  4. Serious Poo

    Preferred Genre of Music?

    3 way tie between shoegaze, symphonic/gothic metal and prog.
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    Forum Captcha - Driving me Crazy!

    3x in one day, same computer. Ridiculous.
  6. Serious Poo

    Forum Captcha - Driving me Crazy!

    This is beyond excessive, it's causing me to no longer want to visit this forum. Please disable this captcha and send your information security officer to training. He/she should know better than this.
  7. Serious Poo

    The Eternal Question: How many watts?

    More. You can always turn the amp's volume down, but you can't turn the amp up past it's maximum power.
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    Fact resistant people

    This may prove enlightening...
  9. Serious Poo

    Forum Captcha - Driving me Crazy!

    This is an overkill control mechanism, the impact to users isn't worth the risk it attempts to mitigate. It really needs to stop.
  10. Serious Poo

    PRS McCarty and 594 Fret Question

    Zero issues here. FWIW, this 594PS is one of the best sounding guitars I've ever owned.
  11. Serious Poo

    What’s your favourite control layout?

    McCarty. The simpler the better for how I play.
  12. Serious Poo

    Annoying reCaptcha?

    It's a bit overkill. I get that they're trying to limit spammers but the user impact is too heavy. There are better ways to solve this.
  13. Serious Poo

    Danville Music - PS#9378 Modern Eagle V in Faded Aqua Violet Dragon's Breath

    OK, you've outdone yourself with this one. That's just stunning. Wow!
  14. Serious Poo

    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    I've found that my overall outlook on life is much better when I stay out of trainwreck threads like that. Not a fan of unnecessary drama or alpha wannabe pissing contests.
  15. Serious Poo

    Do you use your TONE pot (dial) on your PRS guitar?

    All the time. Sometimes I'll adjust it several times in the middle of a song, depending on what I'm hearing / wanting for the part.
  16. Serious Poo

    Do PRS guitars require high action?

    It all comes down to where your fingertip grabs the string when you bend a note. The higher the string, the easier it is for your finger to grab it and slide under it a little. This becomes really important when you want to add heavy vibrato to notes like I sometimes like to do.
  17. Serious Poo

    Do PRS guitars require high action?

    I typically like the action of my guitars fairly high because of how I bend notes.. I always have to raise the action of my PRS's when I set them up, even the Private Stock ones. That said, I do the same with with almost all of my other guitars (Shabat, Framus, Thorn, Dean Gordon, Gibson...).
  18. Serious Poo

    The “new” Sweetwater….

    TIL Sweetwater has retail stores. I always thought they were just an online seller. Looks really nice!
  19. Serious Poo

    Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Review

    I have one of these guitars and LOVE it. Technically, it's a semi-baritone as it's tuned to C#, but still a great guitar. Thanks for sharing your video on it.