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    The John Mayer Bolt-On PRS Series (Strat-style) Guitar

    Paul was asked point blank about it at a Clinic I was at on Dec 6 and basically said " comment at this time".
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    Fixing the slipping early DGT tuners...

    So I recently got an early 08 DGT. As many of you know I have a long history with the DGT, but most of mine have been 2011 or newer. This guitar looks to have 3 of the 6 tuner buttons replaced. Truthfully all of the tuners feel pretty crappy very loose. I do not want to have a tuner/button...
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    DGT 594?

    Yeah seen them , and a .900 neck would be absolutely fantastic. Just 10k is waaaaaay outta my range. :D
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    DGT 594?

    594 - Trem - Goldtop - Moons. Be still my heart.
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    Contour burst or bust?

    IMHO Teardrop burst looks odd on PRS doublecuts. Contourburst FAR better looking.
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    McCarty 594 with Trem Anyone?

    594 DC with Trem, in Goldtop - YES PLEASE! (I cant afford PS prices!)
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    The Official "Singlecut 594" Love Thread!!

    Damn that black one looks amazing!
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    The Official "Singlecut 594" Love Thread!!

    Anyone know who bought this one? Ive been looking for a goldtop 594 since the core model came out. I found it the other day at Willcutt site but only via cache. Anger. LOL
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    NGD of a Lifetime, Best Guitar EVER!! Private Stock Singlecut 594 Prototype!

    Holy schnikes that is awesome Pete! Truly stunning....just when you dont think they could get any better! LOL. Im very happy it is moving you - I am sure that is no small feat! Could you measure the thickness? I am curious how it compares to the SC58/SC245 guitars?
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    I dont even typically go for CU24s and that one makes me all tingly! LOL!
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    keylime ...hmmmmmmmm
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    NGD - Purple Sparkle content

    Thanks for all the kind words guys! Whats funny I use PURPLE EB Power Slinky strings and PURPLE Dunlop 1.14mm picks too LOL. Yup it was at Brians. Brian was great to deal with. They still have a SC245 in the same finish. I keep telling myself I dont need it..........hhaha
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    NGD - Purple Sparkle content

    Ever run across a guitar online, that the moment you see it, you know you are done for? And then when it arrives you are thrilled that is sounds amazing too? Well - that was this guitar for me :D
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    That is bad ass! I think I remember seeing that one (or one like it) at Brians Guitars at one time.
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    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    Wish I could have gone - take lots of pics guys!!
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    PRS Guitar of the Month 2016

    My heart skipped a beat for a second when he said, "pattern vintage" ...was hoping for a new nice thick carve, but doesnt sound like its any thicker, just a different shape. Absolutely stunning guitar though.
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    New Satin Vela Day!

    Super cool! Congrats!
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    :D Thanks!
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    So 3 way blade?