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  1. ooglybong

    New CE 24 “wood libraries”

    Nice! Love that gold top! :) That’s the same lovely carve as my ‘89 CE-24 flame top below. No, they certainly don’t build them like that today anymore—unfortunately. My ‘89 has an alder body, flame maple top, rotary switch, and a Mann trem of the time. Viva la difference! Here it is with my DGT...
  2. ooglybong

    CU24 Favorite Pickups?

    I concur with you here, but I swapped my ‘89 CE-24 HFS/VB set for Thornbuckers with a Thornbucker+ model in the bridge. Nice! Yup, gettin’ old, too. How’d that happen?! :rolleyes:
  3. ooglybong

    New CE 24 “wood libraries”

    My new ‘89 CE-24 was a ‘core‘ level model at the time; indeed, it was simply a bolt-on PRS model vs a set-neck design. (And ‘Core’ wasn't even a term being used at the time, of course.) I went through a dozen new PRSes in one sitting that day—eyes closed as my wife handed me one after...
  4. ooglybong

    Switch for Mag/Piezo output on SE Hollowbody Standard Piezo?

    Ish Guitars has a YouTube video up comparing the Core Hollowbody with the SE model. IMO, it’s a good comparison review. They mention that switch being a useful possible upgrade. To me, it almost sounded like they’d be up for doing such a mod in-store (where are you?), but again, only my...
  5. ooglybong

    Swamp Ash vs Mahogany Bodies

    My swamp ash PRS Core is essentially a Studio configuration, with HNN pickups, an ash body, and a maple bolt-on neck. (I call it my Swamp Ash Special although it’s obviously different from earlier SASs. Can’t be sure, but I’m thinking it was a limited run. Any other info would be welcome.) It’s...
  6. ooglybong

    Please Help!

    I was having a good laugh from this thread and was sharing some of the replies with my (way too supportive) wife. She‘s getting a good laugh, too, and then offers up a great, common sense solution: “Buy her something nice that she wants, then say ‘My turn’.”
  7. ooglybong

    Anyone have a couple bucks I can borrow?

    Eh. Just mod it.
  8. ooglybong

    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    My CU22 Triple Soapy...
  9. ooglybong

    Why is the Mira discontinued then lowered on the line?

    I have a sweet Wild Mint Core Mira, and I really love it. It really sounds nothing quite like my other Core PRSes. Over the years, though, I keep reading occasional references to the Mira as being kind of like “the SG of the PRS line”. I’m assuming that’s not merely in reference to their...
  10. ooglybong

    DGT Pickups

    Not only do I totally agree with your “rant”… but I also own the same two models and vintage years DGTs as you do. OK, my DGT Standard is entirely natural mahogany finish, but still… Wouldn’t change a thing in my DGTs. (And we’re both about the same “vintage” in years, too, lol!) (And yes, the...
  11. ooglybong

    PRS S2 McCarty 594 Mod Ideas

    Cool. I have only recently gotten a set of Legends myself, but I've been down with Covid (ugh, but def on the mend now) and haven't gotten around to installing them into my own S2 594 SC. Having very high hopes going by what I've heard, so this is a great confirmation from you! Enjoy in good...
  12. ooglybong


    FYI. There’s one for sale right now at, um… a store in Rochester, NY. (Hoping that was ok to share. If not, please do delete, mods.)
  13. ooglybong

    What a difference 20 years can make.... faded guitars

    Ha. You know that psych experiment, the one with the gorgeous woman as the clear object of focus, the center of attention? And then it’s captioned something like “99 guys out of 100 don’t even notice that there’s a gorilla walking around in the background!” That was just me with that cool blue...
  14. ooglybong

    Buying advice for a second PRS

    Yeah, that’s true… but only to a degree. I own an S2 Studio and a recent American Pro II Strat (yummy roasted pine body!), and honestly, they really don’t sound anything alike except for, yes, both having largely single coil tonal approaches. To my brain and ears, they’re two quite different...
  15. ooglybong

    My new-to-me Santana question….

    Congrats! I was wondering who the very lucky person was who finally bought that beauty! I was at Parkway right after it came in, took it down admiringly… wow… but then I hung it right back up after having had acquired a couple too many guitars lately. Ha! So thanks for removing the temptation...
  16. ooglybong

    Fiore thoughts?

    Huh. This just occurred to me (and possibly already addressed elsewhere)… how is the SS routed? If it’s open enough, why not mod one with a splittable humbucker for HSS configuration, then also having a custom pickguard made somewhere? Or maybe use, say, a Duncan JB Jr. etc. and not even need a...
  17. ooglybong

    SE DGT?

    Hmm… maybe make it a… semi-hollow?
  18. ooglybong

    How many S2 Studio owners are in here?

    I love mine. Such a versatile tonal palette combined with a great neck and some classy styling. And sometimes, I really just like dots and a cool solid color. Time for a few photos, eh?
  19. ooglybong

    Knob indicator for core models?

    Ha! I do the same exact thing with the set screws! It’s really about all you need cuz, after that, it’s all going where your ear tells you to place it anyway. And I go all over the map there. Anyway… I have so many guitars and setting them all, say, to *5* does not always give me the same...
  20. ooglybong

    PRS Bolt On also Cores?

    Exactly. It’s gotta be more than that. I mean, can’t a Core model have a bolt-on neck within its particular design specs? Or would having a bolt-on, for instance, somehow ‘degrade’ a Private Stock? Nope. Sooo… I don’t see why an official Core model cannot also include bolt-on construction by...