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  1. Outlier22

    Show us your green guitars...

    I love this guitar! Such a great color.
  2. Outlier22

    PRS SE Paul’s Guitar!

    wait, you told him before you bought it?
  3. Outlier22

    Apprehensive on buying a tube amp

    Tim S - I had a blues jr, and I think that is a very good and capable tube amp for the price. It was a decent amp for me for carrying to jam sessions. It could fit in a mix with 2nd guitar player, bass and drummer. But it lacked low end. That was okay for a mix but I ended up selling it and...
  4. Outlier22

    Do you chew your picks too?

    didn't EVH blame his cancer on always having a guitar pick in his mouth? More likely from smoking I would think though.
  5. Outlier22

    Santa's PRS

    Yes! I was going to say "doesn't Santa play a Santana?"
  6. Outlier22

    Ok am I crazy ? PRS SE Hollowbody upgrades contemplated...

    it all sounds good to me. It could impact your resale value if you do any of it especially drilling the holes for coil split but it would be pretty awesome.
  7. Outlier22

    Learning and playing guitar with others in the age of COVID

    beside this looper advice, I'd say maybe take a break from the lessons you are doing and explore some different stuff on youtube. Maybe even buy a course if you find and instructor or material that you like and practice that as well as the stuff you've learned from your current lessons...
  8. Outlier22

    Learning and playing guitar with others in the age of COVID

    Also agree on this. besides hearing yourself back, you can also set up simple (keep them simple) backing tracks and practice scales / improvising over chords. Can be tons of fun.
  9. Outlier22

    Learning pentatonics, any good sources to use?

    I hear people talk about Justin guitar as a good source but I have not personally looked at his stuff. i was under the impression his stuff we real basic but i'm sure at some point he gets into pentatonic scales??? Also, I just saw and email last week that Fender (their lessons service) did a...
  10. Outlier22

    Another fake but shop claims it is

    yeah that's true. That's a bold move. I was thinking the bidder is more likely the actual seller trying to generate some interest.?? I really can't imagine someone with $2k to spend on a guitar doesn't know what they are looking for.
  11. Outlier22

    Another fake but shop claims it is

    I doubt they will sell that. I mean who will pay $2k without doing some homework first. Now if it was listed for $500 someone might jump on it quick trying to get the deal before someone else does. I'd think that would work better at least.
  12. Outlier22

    Abbey Road Tango

    wow that sounds great!
  13. Outlier22

    Is weight a deal breaker?

    yeah it kind of sounded like he was talking about SG's but I took that as he thinks it applies to all guitars. I would think if a lighter SG vibrates more unplugged than a lighter anything would. But before I heard him say this, I never gave weight a second thought in relation to tone. I did...
  14. Outlier22


    haha. ...Well they guessed how many I want to own. I got 15 or more. I own three :(
  15. Outlier22

    New Song - Attitude

    yep - I like all of your recordings. Well done once again!
  16. Outlier22

    Is weight a deal breaker?

    Derek Trucks says the opposite. He says light guitars sound better - (somewhere around 1:40)
  17. Outlier22

    Is weight a deal breaker?

    yeah I don't weigh my guitars but 8 is about the max i'll consider if i'm looking to buy a new guitar and weights are actually advertised. Or I should say 9.0 or less.
  18. Outlier22

    Wall Hanging Guitars

    without reading everyone elses replies, I primarily worry about humidity. Humidity is obviously a bigger factor on thin solid wood acoustic guitars but it still impacts both hollow body and solid body electrics. The primary issues i've had with solid bodies is with the neck. Truss rod...
  19. Outlier22

    Cheapest, new guitar you've played that was comfortable and stayed in tune, without modding?

    I bought a Jimmy Vaughan Signature Strat from Musicians Friend back in maybe 09 for $450 if I remember correctly. (it might have been $400) It was on sale on week as part of their "Fender Friday" deals. While I know who Jimmy Vaughn is and knew some of his stuff, I didn't really listen to...
  20. Outlier22

    If there could be only one....

    Oh, I forgot about that John Mayer super eagle. I might have to go with that one??