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    Adjustable Bridges - PRS vs Mann vs others

    I have the John Mann adjustable on my satin singlecut and love it.
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    LP tone

    Jimmy Page Peter Frampton Ace Frehley Slash Gary Moore Billy Gibbons (early)
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    53/10 pickups

    Well, I agree, but right now on Reverb there are 40+ Used King of tone pedals ranging from $750-$1500 for sale. personally, I believe pickups to be far more important to your sound then a pedal, and especially one you have to wait on a list 3-4 years to buy a new one, to boot. to me, I find...
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    Tell Me All About Your Favourite Models

    Satin singlecuts and Mccarty korinas.
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    Been doing a lot of pickup swapping this year!

    Do you mean BARE knuckles pickups?
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    PRS: Why is the price point so high to get a hard case included with the guitar?

    Dont get me wrong. I’m a PRS guy. I’ve owned 18 core PRS’s in the past. I’m not just throwing a ***** to upset the natives, but I feel theres alot of things PRS does anymore that i disagree with, and i’d be willing to bet i’m not alone in that opinion. but, I dont own the company, and nobody...
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    PRS: Why is the price point so high to get a hard case included with the guitar?

    Paul doesn‘t pay for his guitars. (please dont try to tell me he does) Paul can have someone fix, or replace something on his guitars if they get damaged, for free. and I’m sure someone looks after Paul’s guitars wherever he takes them more-so then they would mine or yours. PS- I find it hard...
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    PRS forums?

    Is there any other PRS forums left out there. one that actually has a B,S&T?
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    How do you guys afford buying guitars???

    I couldn‘t afford good guitars until i was in my late forties. It’s called life!
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    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    I’ll bite my tongue!
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    What are you playing right now...

    Back and forth between my 07 PRS satin singlecut, and my 97 Heritage 535.
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    PRS guitar prices go up again.

    Precisely. so thats a little over a 300% increase on the electric, and almost a 400% increase on the acoustic. have your, or anybody else’s wages gone up that much over the same period of time? mine hasnt. In the last 50 years, the rate of wage increases compared to the rate of inflation is...
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    PRS guitar prices go up again.

    Thank you and bless you for saying the same exact thing I’ve been saying over and over. You’ve made the most intelligent statement i’ve read in a long time. This drives me crazy! You get one complete idiot who over prices something through the roof, and instead of everybody else saying “ this...
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    PRS guitar prices go up again.

    No sarcasm intended, but if we keep paying the high prices and .letting these companies gouge us, it’s never going to end. and I dont just mean PRS, their all doing it. their not losing money. whatever the price increases are to them, they just pass it along to the consumer. Im very surprised...
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    PRS guitar prices go up again.

    Stop buying new guitars. Period. Problem solved! I’ve owned 18 core models over the years, only 1 was new, and that was 11 years ago. Wouldn’t buy any guitar new anymore.
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    Touchy subject

    My stepdaughter has had problems with anxiety, and my ex-wife had a panic attack 30+ years ago when she was in her late 20’s. she was admitted to the hospitol and said she would have bet anything she was having a heart attack. I have had a heart attack, and know what that feels like, so my...
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    Which guitar hero got you to pick up an axe?

    Keef and the Stones.
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    NF3 Alert!

    Let me say they sounded excellent in all 3 guitars, but a little different considering one had a mahogany body, one a korina body, and the other a swamp ash. If I had to pick one I thought they sounded the best in I’d say the Mccarty 25. I would love to hear them in a semi hollow.