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  1. merciful-evans


    All, All of you have been great company but I’m a fish out of water here. I have not asked to be removed from the forum as yet. I may do later. Thanks for having me these last few years. Good luck all and keep playing guitar. ME
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    Intro and NGD

    Hi & welcome. Glad you found something you like.
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    I have accepted the fact that Im just a PRS guy...

    I know a recent convert to PRS. He just bought a used CE24 reclaimed wood. Very happy guy.
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    Why won't PRS offer Stainless frets?

    I recall hearing that Paul choose the fret material (not the hardest nickel, but close to) for its sound. This makes some sense. However as Austin said, just get have a re-fret done if its that important. Personally, I do my own fret dressing. Its time consuming and laborious. The thought of...
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    Bringing the New Guitar Home

    Lucky bluff happenstance
  6. merciful-evans

    What is your next PRS and why?

    I'm busy selling guitars at the moment. Nothing on the horizon... yet.
  7. merciful-evans

    Why do I not like the sound of my beautiful McCarty?

    PRS have their own sound(s). I like the sound. If you keep referencing back to Gibsons & Fenders, you aren't embracing the sound you have. IMO if you dont like basic the sound of the guitar, you are limited in what you can do. Yes you can alter it with other pickups, amp, signal processing...
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    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    1/ The main thing for me is the string spread = insufficient reveal, so those e strings keep getting pushed over the edge. 2/ The switch is too close to the knob (some people replace the control plate for this reason). Classic Teles: 3/ The 7.25" rad not ideal for soloing 4/ 21 frets. C# top...
  9. merciful-evans

    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    I'd try out a PRS Tele with optimism, even though I don't like the Silver Sky. There are many improvements to make on a Tele. Fender (and others) have corrected most of the old issues, but not all of them. There's room for another guitar on the market. That said, I'd still prefer to see a new...
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    Most beautiful CE24 of all time

    Very tidy. Congrats!
  11. merciful-evans

    Most beautiful CE24 of all time

    ok I'll bite too... I'm in the uk. We didn't get many either.
  12. merciful-evans

    Come to Jesus

    Glad you found your sound. makes a world of difference :)
  13. merciful-evans

    Third time to the factory with my SE

    Glad you got it sorted. These things can be a worry.
  14. merciful-evans

    PRS Brand Strap

    I had a birds PRS style strap, but pretty sure it was not made by PRS. I don't recall what happened to it. These are some of my others
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    If there could be only one....

    Ric 650 Colorado Yes I have one, but I'll employ tact and not annoy the faithful with a picture here.
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    This is St Marys, the church my girlfriend attends. I have photographed it over the years. Its odd because it sits within the walls of a medieval castle. It was built in the 1120s by the Normans (the castle is much older). Yew trees are found next to nearly all old churches in England...
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    Found this photo I took in December 2012. It was still in RAW (never processed). The dark version is original, and the lighter one post-exposed. I'm undecided about which I prefer o_O Its Portsmouth from the top of Portsdown hill.
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    A serious question that may sound like trolling.

    All guitars sound different. All guitarists sound like themselves. Try to put those two ideas together and guitarists will get confused. Don't conflate the two ideas. They are seperate because they are different. Leave them seperate and confusion will dissipate into the atmosphere and...
  19. merciful-evans

    Photos, let's see 'em

    pick refurb (stone is hard to work)