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  1. Pdiddy

    NGD (sort of)

    I knew what I was getting with the 57/08's....the neck 57/08 bass PUP is awesome, but I read quite a few reviews of the neck 57/08 and agree that the bass response is too low for my taste and within a couple of days knew I wanted to change it out. I know the MT treble PUP has a high output...
  2. Pdiddy

    Ok, Ok....NGD....It's here!!!!!!!!

    very nice.....congrats on a real beauty there...!!!!
  3. Pdiddy

    NGD (sort of)

    usually keep original stuff with guitars.....but everything has a price I suppose....
  4. Pdiddy

    NGD (sort of)

    Newly acquired PRS 2012 SC 58 and replaced the 57/08 neck with a new Tremonti and she's a screamer now....!!! I haven't really scene the Black Teal color, nor the Bronze Bird inlays before....was wondering if this this guitar was a custom either case, I'm glad I sold a DC Les Paul to...
  5. Pdiddy

    What is on your pedal board

    I got pretty much everything covered with this board....use it mostly with my Mesa Boogie Mark 5:25 and two matching MB 1 x 12's
  6. Pdiddy

    Show your rig

    love the Eventide pedals.....I have both the H9 and ModFactor on my board for years now.....
  7. Pdiddy

    NGD: My 3rd PRS

    super cool and a stunning top....congrats!
  8. Pdiddy

    NGD Finally!!

    very green PRS's
  9. Pdiddy

    S2 customs

    That’s a difficult question....and to best help you, I would say if it were me....i would base it on the type of music I play most and what output levels of a PU you are comfortable with....I like most all Gibson burstbucker combos and versions in my LP’s as they are on the lower end of medium...
  10. Pdiddy

    S2 customs

    Any standard humbucker should fit with lots of options.....I put new PU rings and a SD Hot Set in mine, a new set of 500k pots, Orange Drop Caps. Switch-Craft 3-way Selector and new wire.....the stock tuners and tremolo worked fine so I left them alone. I played my S2 last week and tortured the...
  11. Pdiddy

    What is on your pedal board

    [/URL] current set up.....
  12. Pdiddy

    So 60 days ago I did not own a single PRS guitar.

    great additions to your collection.....I would say the SE Santana knob placement, in your picture, is like the USA models, which IMO looks way better than in the past, where they have been all spread out.....enjoy your nex axes.....
  13. Pdiddy

    Why is it "this" guitar?

    Got to go with my new (used) Tremonti.....
  14. Pdiddy

    Which 2 Axes Would You Bring...?

    well.....after putting them all through the ringers with my Mesa Mark V:25 over the holidays.....I decided that these two are the ones I would take....
  15. Pdiddy

    First PRS!

    killer guitar......congrats and welcome to the PRS Guitar Owners club.....
  16. Pdiddy

    Silver Sky neck and small hands

    whew.....I'm just glad that after I read the thread post title, the conversation actually was about a guitar's "neck size" and actually about the size of someone's "hands".....
  17. Pdiddy


    got to go with this one....
  18. Pdiddy

    Which 2 Axes Would You Bring...?

    well....he clearly doesn't have a problem throwing large, heavy objects at employees.....
  19. Pdiddy

    Which 2 Axes Would You Bring...?

    LOL.....another guitarist friend of mine has a DGT that I play is fabulous for sure.....I promise I will try to consider a DGT for the next purchase....
  20. Pdiddy

    Which 2 Axes Would You Bring...?

    When I said "gigs" I meant it only as "somewhere other than your house and in front of others"....and however someone would like to apply it towards themselves...