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  1. justjoshin

    NUGD - 2013 Bernie Marsden - Vintage Sunburst

    just a question but other than the knob configuration, what is different from this guitar to a 245?
  2. justjoshin

    Your Mount Rushmore

    This is only "my" top 4: 1. EVH - he was the sole reason I ever wanted to touch a guitar to begin with as a kid. 2. Page - growing up I listened to a LOT of Zeppelin with my mom. 3. Clapton - what else is there to say.... 4. Slash - say what you will, but the man has inspired a lot of kids to...
  3. justjoshin

    Inexpensive looper pedal

    I have an Ammoon Looper for under $50 from Amazon. Does the job for me.
  4. justjoshin

    Upgrading PRS SE Zach Myers- Pickup Suggestions

    I put a Dimarzio 36th neck and Dimarzio Fortitude bridge in mine and I am VERY happy with it. I can cover all the areas you described above with this set.
  5. justjoshin

    Zach Myers pickup recommendation

    I just installed a Dimarzio 36th neck and a Dimarzio Fortitude bridge in my ZM, and I am really enjoying the guitar with this setup. I can play anything from blues to metal with it.
  6. justjoshin

    Incoming NGD.... now NGD!

    Ok so I finally got to plug it in tonight and play it. Nice weight (8.5 lbs), great neck feel, and really like the sound of it! Very pleased with this guitar so far! First time hearing the #7 pups in person and I wasn’t sure how I was going to like them but impressed for sure.
  7. justjoshin

    Incoming NGD.... now NGD!

    It’s here! And I finally figured out the damn photo thing!
  8. justjoshin

    USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

    Awesome! I don't even have a drone.....LOL
  9. justjoshin

    I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

    I tend to hit all my guitar headstocks on something because I don't pay attention too well....LOL. When it comes to a good strap that you don't have to modify a guitar, try the Ernie Ball Polylock Guitar Strap. I have not tried with the PRS USA buttons, but I use one on my SE and love it!
  10. justjoshin

    Incoming NGD.... now NGD!

    Thanks, everyone. The black gold color in the core models is my favorite and this one is the closest to it in the S2 line. Hurry up tomorrow!!!
  11. justjoshin

    Incoming....Now NGD!!! W00t!!!

    I know, right?!?! My S2 Singlecut will be here tomorrow as well.....
  12. justjoshin

    USA Guitars/PRS Core out of reach?

    As stated already, the S2 range does offer a USA guitar at a very affordable price point. Gibson and Fender also have the same type of offerings with Tributes and Deluxe models. I could afford a core PRS but I decided spend my money on more that one guitar. I purchased a Gibson Les Paul...
  13. justjoshin

    Incoming NGD.... now NGD!

    Thanks alantig, I can never figure that one out :(
  14. justjoshin

    Incoming NGD.... now NGD!

    So I have been wanting a S2 singlecut for a while now and I scored on last night! It is a 2020 in amber burst with a nice top. Thought about waiting on a new S2 McCarty but I snagged it for a great price that I was sure they would not accept.
  15. justjoshin

    Tremolo arms

    Between 4-4:30 EVERY morning for our 3 dogs....:(
  16. justjoshin

    Tremolo arms

    The best trem arm is the one on someone else's guitar :D
  17. justjoshin

    PRS SE Zach Myers Pickup String Spacing

    Just replaced my pups in my ZM with a dimarzio set. Used standard spacing for neck and f spacing for the bridge.
  18. justjoshin

    SE Mods

    Just finished installing a nickel dimarzio 36th anniversary neck and black dimarzio fortitude bridge in my SE Zach Myers! Along with a fresh setup it sounds so much better now!
  19. justjoshin

    NGD! ...and a question.

    Do the lampshade knobs fit the stock SE pot stems?
  20. justjoshin

    Some 10 tops blow my mind

    PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow - Faded Blue Smokeburst on sweetwater right now is damn near a 10 top.