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  1. jcha008

    Is weight a deal breaker?

    For me no, as I personally prefer my guitars to be as heavy as possible. I usually don’t like it when my guitars are too light and it took me a while to warm up to the weight of the Hollowbody. But in saying that, I don’t gig anymore and when I did it was as a drummer so I got to sit down...
  2. jcha008

    The Edward Van Halen (EVH) Prototype PRS; 1 of 2

    Late as hell reply, but it’s become a meme with my group of friends at Namm on which day we’ll see Batio. Always without fail, he’s the one guitar player we run into walking the floors every year. All jokes aside, he really is such a nice guy and I enjoy chatting with him. Shame we can’t do the...
  3. jcha008

    NGD. Short scale and RW neck make a camper happy

    Incredible acquisition as usual Steve! I gotta say, the figure and chevron of this top puts many private stocks to shame. This one is totally up your alley.
  4. jcha008

    NGD: PS Hollowbody 594 Jade Glow

    Hey everyone, hope all of you have been doing good during these strange times. Been away from all guitar forums for a little bit as things have been incredibly busy on my end this year. While many businesses were suffering during this unfortunate time, the hardware industry has been the...
  5. jcha008

    NGD: The Balrog’s Mane

    Good lord almighty!! What an amazing instrument!!! When I first saw pictures of this guitar some months ago, I initially thought it was some crazy buckeye due to the stain. But either way, that’s an incredible top.
  6. jcha008

    All Things Being Equal...

    I’m the same way. While it’s not like I could afford those insane vintage guitars to begin with, it’s also never really been my thing. I do own a couple Les Paul Customs, but I’ve always preferred some of the newer tops and finishes compared to the older ones. But even in saying that, there is...
  7. jcha008

    The Real Holy Grail PRS

    Been very fortunate to own some cool guitars over the past few years and I tend to be very specific in my what I look for, so I don’t really consider any of my guitars “grails” that others would seriously covet. But if any could be seen that way, it would have to be the Sandstorm SC58. One of...
  8. jcha008

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    The SC594 do have thicker bodies than the SC58 and SC245. The doublecut versions have slightly thinner bodies from what I understand.
  9. jcha008

    What's your favorite PRS neck profile?

    The new pattern vintage takes my vote. Close 2nd is wide fat.
  10. jcha008

    Post your pernambuco!

    Love them!
  11. jcha008

    Blemish on Private Stock Top

    I don’t consider that a blemish, just the natural beauty of that top. I actually like the occasional mineral streak such as that I feel it makes the top more interesting aesthetically and unique overall.
  12. jcha008

    Hollowbody 594: Core model??

    Damn, that sounds so good!!! I’ve heard a decent amount of your recordings through the years and while you’ve always sounded great, this is easily the best sounding guitar I’ve ever heard you play. That new PS is seriously amazing, it’s so buttery smooth.
  13. jcha008

    NBD- The Journey to the Bottom continues...

    Oh my sweet baby Jesus!!! Love that top and neck!
  14. jcha008

    Do i need an MT15 if i have 2 Archons

  15. jcha008

    NGD - AP CU24-08

    Hell yea man!!! Makena Blue is such a beautiful finish. Congrats again!!!!
  16. jcha008

    NGD private stock HB 594 2018 LTD

    Holy crap Tag!!!! That's an amazing guitar. I love everything about it, especially the vibrant finish!
  17. jcha008

    Runs From The Past - Celebrate What Was And Still Is!

    This guitar is pure magic!!! The top and inlay is just amazing.
  18. jcha008

    Runs From The Past - Celebrate What Was And Still Is!

    Some seriously excellent guitars shown already!! Love the PRS limited runs. I know there was a time when it seemed like they were milking the term "limited" for a while there, but even knowing that, I find all of them to be magical in their own way. I have 3 guitars all from the same lot of the...
  19. jcha008

    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    Some incredible guitars as always! Love the 594 model, easily my new favorite from PRS. Just have the one for now, will definitely be adding more in the near future :D.
  20. jcha008

    Little prayer...

    Oh no :(!! I'm so sorry to hear about your complications Eddie. It's times like these that can really give you a different perspective. I'm sending well wishes your way and hope for a speedy, full recovery. Your PRS needs you as well.