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  1. Eddie kim

    Mans best friend....the thread...l'll start...

    Just took my baby to the rainbow bridge My heart hurts so much.
  2. Eddie kim

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Would have love it if they built solid white with maple neck
  3. Eddie kim

    Eric Johnson PRS?

    Check this interesting article.
  4. Eddie kim

    HSH Non-Believer (Silver Sky)

    Did you have route out the p/u cavity to fit the humbuckers in?
  5. Eddie kim

    9/42 to 9/46 strings

    Do I need to mess around with the nut or truss rod if I switch strings from 9/42 to 9/46?
  6. Eddie kim

    Great cover using a PRS

    One of favorite song, by one of my favorite guitarist with my favorite guitar manufacture. A perfect comb. Sounds sooo good.
  7. Eddie kim

    SE Mods

    I bought my Zach Myers SE with Bareknuckle Mules installed by the previous owner. I really dig the sound.
  8. Eddie kim

    Thank You Enablers! 10th Anny S2 594 Now In The Que

    I’m thinking for trading in my S2 CU24, se Myers and se allender for the new 10th anniversary S2 CU24. This has everything I wanted from the S2 line
  9. Eddie kim

    News Flash !!! Jeff Beck dies at 78 years old

    Another legend lost. R.I.P.
  10. Eddie kim

    NGD!!!! S2 CU24

    Hell yea! Just like my S2 CU24
  11. Eddie kim

    Best bang for your bucks upgrade on S2?

    I thought S2 have the same nut as the core?
  12. Eddie kim

    Best bang for your bucks upgrade on S2?

    What’s everyone’s thought on a first upgrade for my S2 CU24? Mann’s 2000NOS Trem or Core 85/15 PU? Just trying to figure out which upgrade I should do first. Eventually, I would like to do both upgrades with core pots and wiring. Which upgrade do you think will make the biggest impact?
  13. Eddie kim

    No F-Hole?

    Pics please
  14. Eddie kim


    I have my older Zach Myers SE with bare nickel Mules
  15. Eddie kim


    Trembucher on the bridge or regular humbucker?
  16. Eddie kim

    I refinished my S2 594

    I like everything except your knob choice. I would prefer the stock lampshade
  17. Eddie kim

    PRS SE Torero

    Get one if you can. I believe it’s the only SE with neck through body.
  18. Eddie kim

    SE Paul Allender, Fake or fine?

    As an owner of the se Allender model, everything looks good
  19. Eddie kim

    About to buy a used custom 24

    That’s a pass